Special Design Mercedes-Benz Tourismo for Trabzonspor by Ali Osman Ulusoy Tourism

ali osman Ulusoy from tourism trabzonspora special design mercedes benz tourismo
ali osman Ulusoy from tourism trabzonspora special design mercedes benz tourismo

The exterior design of the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 2021 2022+16 team bus, used by Trabzonspor in the 2/1 football season, was made by Mercedes-Benz Türk. Under the leadership of Trabzonspor's founding member and first president, Ali Osman Ulusoy, Ali Osman Ulusoy Tourism, which undertook the official road transportation sponsorship of the club, still continues its sponsorship. Each zamMercedes-Benz Tourismo 16 2+1 was designed and covered by Mercedes-Benz Türk, which was brought into use by Ali Osman Ulusoy Tourism, who allocated the teams to Trabzonspor, the newest and most popular bus in the sector.

Trabzonspor Club President Ahmet Ağaoğlu and football players attended the delivery ceremony held at Mehmet Ali Yılmaz facilities in Trabzon on Friday, 15 October, Ali Osman Ulusoy Group of Companies Chairman Hülya Ulusoy, Vice Chairman of the Board Ahsen Aydın, Group Director Murat Seymen, Ali Osman Ulusoy Turizm. General Manager Eray Eray, Hassoy Motor Vehicles General Manager Selim Saral and Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus Sales Operations Group Manager Özgür Taşgın.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus Sales Operations Group Manager Özgür Taşgın said that the priority of Mercedes-Benz Türk, which is constantly renewed and developed in accordance with the conditions of the period, and integrating technology into all its processes, is the comfort and safety of its customers. Expressing their satisfaction with their cooperation with Trabzonspor, Özgür Taşgın said, “We thank Ali Osman Ulusoy Tourism and wish Trabzonspor to achieve great success with the team bus.” said.

With Tourismo, the comfort and safety of the athletes are at the forefront.

Tourismo 16 2+1, which was delivered to the club by Ali Osman Ulusoy Tourism, was covered with a special cladding for Trabzonspor Club, while it was equipped with dark glasses, aluminum alloy wheels and claret-blue colored seats specially for the team bus.

Tourismo 16 2+1, which offers the highest level of comfort to both its driver and passengers; While providing a spacious travel environment for the athletes, the dual zone controlled air conditioning system makes the atmosphere inside the bus even more comfortable. The front and rear control zones, which are used for heating and air conditioning, provide a homogeneous temperature distribution inside the vehicle, allowing the athletes to have a comfortable journey.

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