Mercedes-Benz Turk Expands Its Like New Engine Service Portfolio

mercedes benz expanded its engine service portfolio like turk zero
mercedes benz expanded its engine service portfolio like turk zero

Mercedes-Benz Türk is expanding the scope of its service by adding Euro 2017 city buses and city trucks to its "Engine Like Zero" service, which it started in April 6 for truck and bus customers.

Continuing to provide the most accurate services to meet the expectations of its customers during and after sales, Mercedes-Benz Türk launched the "Engine Like Zero" program in 2017. In 2019, trucks, tractor trucks and intercity buses with Euro 6 norms could benefit from this program, which stands out with its superior performance, quality products and affordable services. In 2020, the "Engine Like Zero" application was also started for city buses and city trucks with Euro 6 normed engines. An engine can be completely renewed within 5 working days in the transaction made with the assurance of Mercedes-Benz Türk.

Tolga Bilgisu, Mercedes-Benz Turk Truck and Bus Customer Services Director, “As Mercedes-Benz Turk, we were offering our 'Engine Like Zero' service, which we commissioned in 2017, to our Mercedes-Benz truck and bus customers with Euro 5 engines at the first stage. We are constantly renewing our services and facilities to meet the needs and wishes of our customers. In this direction, we started to offer this application in Euro 2019 engines in our trucks and buses with our renewed services as of 6. In line with the positive feedback we received from our customers, we expanded this service, which we provide under attractive conditions, and put it into operation for city buses and city trucks with Euro 2020 engines in 6. We plan to further develop this service, which we offer with the Technical Expertise Center, which is the first engine renewal center in the world after Germany with its specially trained team, in the coming years.” he said.

Performance and low fuel consumption like the first day with "Engine Like Zero"

With the advantageous "Engine Like Zero" prices offered especially for Euro 6 truck and bus customers who plan to use their vehicles for a longer period of time, the vehicles continue on their way with the first day's performance and low fuel consumption.

Strengthening its Technical Expertise Center with additional investments in order to meet the facility criteria required in the renewal process of Euro 6 engines with more complex and sensitive technology, Mercedes-Benz Türk has added city buses and city trucks using Euro 6 engines to its "Engine Like Zero" portfolio. Only in dust-free facilities equipped with appropriate equipment and systems; The Technical Expertise Center invested in this engine renewal process, which can be performed by certified technicians, is the first engine renewal center in the world after Germany, with its specially trained team.

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