Chinese Automotive Giants Are Among The 10 Most Innovative Companies

Chinese automotive giants are among the most innovative companies
Chinese automotive giants are among the most innovative companies

A review by the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) looks at 30 automakers and 80 brands globally in terms of technological innovation capacity. In this context, Volkswagen ranks first with 24 innovations, including 67 global innovations, ahead of Daimler. With a clear margin behind these two, Tesla sits in third place.

The finding of three Chinese groups among the "top 10" in the research is seen as an important innovation for the automotive industry. The three most innovative Chinese bands in the top 10 were SAIC, Great Wall and Geely. CAM manager Stefan Bratzel explains that a radical differentiation can occur at this stage within the automobile industry.

According to Bratzel, German automakers are in the right direction for innovation; however, in this context, they have to enter into a tough race with the innovation capacities of their Chinese rivals as well as Tesla. Because Chinese manufacturers are very good in basic areas such as electric vehicles, access to internet / IT networks and self-driving vehicles.

On the other hand, the market share of Asian companies for the delivery of vehicle parts and accessories reached 43 percent last year, according to data obtained in a review by the PwC consulting company.

Source: China International Radio

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