What is Motor Vehicles Tax? What are MTV Payments ZamWhere is it done?

What is motor vehicle tax?
What is motor vehicle tax?

Motor Vehicles Tax is a type of tax levied on motor vehicles that have to be paid in certain periods within a calendar year, conditions determined by the Highway Traffic Law and registered in traffic branches. Every vehicle owner is obliged to pay the Motor Vehicle Tax twice a year in predetermined periods. Motor Vehicles Tax is not only a tax type specific to land vehicles, but also zamAt the same time, this tax is also paid for aircraft such as airplanes, helicopters and motorized sea vehicles. Motor Vehicles Tax starts from the moment the vehicles are registered and the owner of the vehicle pays the Motor Vehicles Tax until the traffic registration record of that vehicle is deleted.

Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV) How Much?

Amounts of Motor Vehicle Tax are determined within the scope of Article 197 of the Motor Vehicle Tax Law No. 10, under the title "Authority". MTV is not a tax type that has the only standard. The Motor Vehicle Tax is calculated differently according to certain characteristics such as the number of cylinders, age range, type and the value of the vehicle, the first registration date.

Motor Vehicle Tax rates vary according to the "Re-evaluation" rate, which can change every year with the effect of the inflation rate.

Let's exemplify how vehicles are taxed: The Motor Vehicles Tax payment is determined as 51.800,00 TL for a vehicle with a vehicle value of up to 1300 TL, an engine cylinder volume of 3 cm1 and below, in the 3-964 age range. If the same vehicle is 16 years or older, the MTV payment is determined as 100 TL.

What are MTV Payments Zamto the moment?

The vehicle owner becomes a taxpayer of Motor Vehicles Tax from the moment the traffic registration of the vehicle starts. In line with this obligation of individuals, MTV payments are made in two equal installments each calendar year in January (1 - 31 January) and July (1 - 31 July).
Since how much you will pay the Motor Vehicle Tax depends entirely on the qualifications of your vehicle, you can have an idea by performing the calculation process in advance. If you are looking for support for Motor Vehicles Tax calculation process, you can take advantage of the MTV calculation service offered by İşbank.

How to Pay Motor Vehicle Tax?

You have become a Motor Vehicle Taxpayer, and you know your tax amount. So how will you make your MTV payment?

1. Website of the Revenue Administration http://www.gib.gov.tr You can perform your online payment transaction with your credit card or debit card by logging into the "Debt Inquiry and Payment" section on your website.

2. You can pay your tax by going to the tax office directorates where you have a Motor Vehicle Tax liability registration or authorized for MTV collection.

3. If you wish, you can pay the Motor Vehicle Tax via e-Government.

4. It is possible to pay the Motor Vehicle Tax by using bank branches or Internet Banking through contracted banks.

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