IMM Granted Temporary Work Certificate to 397 Airport Taxi Suspended

integration agreement with airport taxi drivers
integration agreement with airport taxi drivers

IMM met with the parties of the issue regarding the 397 taxis whose route usage permits were suspended. At the meeting, where an agreement was reached on taximeter integration, the temporary work documents of the taxis working at the Airport were reactivated until the integration was achieved.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) suspended the route use permits of 397 vehicles working at Istanbul Airport on the grounds that they did not apply the conditions previously determined by UKOME. After this development, IMM held a meeting with the parties of the issue so that the people of Istanbul and city visitors do not experience further grievances. IMM Deputy Secretary General Orhan Demir attended the meeting chaired by IMM Transportation Department Head Utku Cihan, Public Transportation Services Manager Barış Yıldırım, Istanbul Taxi Professionals Chamber President Eyüp Aksu, Istanbul Airport Taxi Cooperative President Fahrettin Can and IGA Representative Turgay Yaman.

After the meeting, in which detailed discussions were held to solve the problem, it was agreed on the following issues:

  • Evaluation of the sanction and inspection process according to the results of the examination to be made by the institution, and that the complaints and claims received by the IMM regarding taximeters are shared with the relevant institution, the Ministry of Science and Industry;
  • Temporary work documents can be reactivated after the correction of incorrect / faulty Taximeter Metrological Inspection Documents uploaded to the IMM system by the relevant tradesmen,
  • In order to ensure the auditability of the journeys, which are used extensively by the Airport Taxi Cooperative and subject to the complaint; Taximeter devices should be integrated with the IMM Public Transportation Control and Management Center devices, which are mandatory with the UKOME Decision No. 2017/4-6,
  • In order to implement the said integration as soon as possible, technical studies between IMM and the relevant parties will be started as of July 26, 2021,
  • If the integration is not achieved as a result of the work to be done, the relevant sanctions will be applied.”

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