What About My Newly Bought Car? ZamI have to get insurance


Kasko included in auto insurance. The automobile insurance included in the vehicle insurance is very important in order to cover the damages if the vehicle suffers any damage. Any motor land vehicle damaged zamIn case of theft or theft, an insurance must be made in order to pay compensation to the insured.

What is Insurance?

Car insurance is the insurance that is valid for every vehicle today. The advantages of insurance are included in many attributes for the vehicle owner. There are thousands of vehicles in traffic every day. These vehicles can suffer serious damage after problems that may occur. This affects the person both financially and financially. Car insurance must be taken out so that the damage to the vehicle is paid by the insurance, not the person. Car insurance is a type of insurance that should be taken out to cover the damage to the insured's vehicle, not for the damage to the vehicle. It has a great importance in car insurance. The purpose of vehicle cargo insurance is to insure the damage to any motor vehicle.

What Does Insurance Do?

The insurance of a newly purchased vehicle should be done in a short time. Insurance is valid for every vehicle in traffic. The fact that the vehicles are insured provides the same factor as the insurance of the damages that may occur to the person himself. It is possible to secure both the owner and the vehicle together with the insurance. Serious risks that may occur in traffic, and material damage experienced afterwards are paid by the automobile insurance company, not by the vehicle owner. Whether the vehicle is new or not, automobile insurance is important today in factors such as your own health, budget status, and the damage rate of the vehicle. insurance You too, by visiting the dot website Get a helmet offer!

What is the Insurance Cost?

The insurance value of the vehicle included in the insurance policy, in other words, is the insurance cost. According to certain guarantees in the insurance policy, the insurance cost is updated every year.

  • Additional guarantees
  • Existing guarantees
  • And the guarantees included according to the undamaged status within the scope of the project are of great importance for the change of price.

Car insurance no damage discount, discount can be applied if no claim for damage has been created during the policy period. The insurance company determines the situations that affect the no claim discount rate according to the company project. Car insurance policy zamAt this moment, the driver can apply the discount he earned from his old vehicle for the same vehicle. People who buy a new vehicle should have automobile insurance in a short period of time. In this way, any broken, scratched, dented or serious vehicle damages are paid on-site by the insurance company within certain limits.

Insurance Calculation System

The automobile insurance calculation system of the newly purchased car is not made instantaneously if there is no automobile insurance beforehand. However, if it is desired to renew the current automobile insurance of the owned car, the automobile insurance calculation is done by the automobile insurance companies. Casco insurance prices Depends on the insurance companies. Appropriate and will not force the person financially get insurance price For service, you can visit Sigortambir.com website. Right now Get an insurance quote!

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