What is Gatling Gun?

Gatling gun means multi-barreled weapon in French. It is a name given to the multi-barreled machine guns made by the French. This name was also used in other countries, as the French attracted attention especially with this weapon. The difference of the multi-barreled gun of the French was that the fire was controlled by a lever that was rotated behind the gun.

Used for the First Time in World War I

The machine gun, which was used widely in the First World War for the first time, has eliminated offensive tactics for many years. The firing logic is different from today's machine guns.

Since it is not possible to shoot bullets in the same barrel in series, it was invented during the times when the barrel overheating syndrome was experienced.

Weapons like this were used by the Ottoman Empire at least 200 years ago. But they had no crown.

Today it is used in modern French to mean a fully automatic machine gun.

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