Green Technology: Environmental Projects Accelerate at Audi

green technology audi environmental projects are accelerating
green technology audi environmental projects are accelerating

Green Technology was the focus of Audi's latest TechTalk events, which attracted great attention especially during the pandemic period and where it has announced many innovative and complex technological issues so far.

Explaining what it does to protect the environment, the brand also shared the activities it will carry out at the GREENTECH FESTIVAL on June 17-18.

Audi, which sets an example with its work on many issues such as the protection of the environment, smart supply chain tracking system, the destruction of micro/macro plastic and optimizing resource efficiency, conveyed the developments in this field in full detail at the last of the TechTalk meetings, Green Technology.

Protecting the environment is much more than reducing carbon emissions

Franziska Queling, spokesperson for Audi's facilities/factories all over the world, said that many different projects have been presented in Green Technology to date, and said, "All of these projects have one thing in common: they represent further steps towards zero carbon."

Franziska Queling, host of TechTalk: Green Technology, said: “Last year at TechTalk, we saw what Audi models are doing to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. This year, we're talking about environmental projects that think and go one step further to ensure our future stays livable. One thing is for sure: protecting the environment means more than reducing carbon emissions.”

Being one of the founding partners of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL held this year, Audi also gave information about the activities it will organize during the festival.

Audi officials, who stated that they will meet with their visitors in the digital environment as well as the events at Kraftwerk Berlin, one of the Audi facilities, aim to convey that their products, processes and materials are of a nature that promotes sustainability entirely through combating climate change and digitalization.

Zero emission factory

In addition to panels, training camps, environmental initiatives and projects will be exhibited at the festival, Audi will also show an example of how production areas can be operated with zero emissions by 2025. The model facility, called Audi Denkwerkstatt, prepared for this purpose, will present the ecomove application.

At the festival, the Audi Environment Foundation will also show examples of what users can do to reduce their own carbon footprints, and an innovative microplastic filter for urban water management will be presented.

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