Dynamic and Modern New Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway

dynamic and modern new dacia sandero and sandero stepway
dynamic and modern new dacia sandero and sandero stepway

The third generation Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway, which have been completely renewed with dynamic design, modern equipment level and increased quality perception, are on their way to Turkey. Models produced on the CMF-B platform of the Renault Group bring many innovations, including X-Tronic transmission, blind spot warning system, wireless Apple Car Play and electric parking brake. Raising the bar even higher in terms of aesthetics, technology, comfort and safety, the New Sandero Stepway was offered for sale with accessible prices starting from 160.900 TL, special for the launch. The new Sandero will take its place in showrooms in March with special launch prices starting from 134.900 TL.

Redefining modern mobility needs, Dacia offers consumers all the features that a car should have with Sandero, its representative in the completely renewed B-HB segment, and Sandero Stepway, the new player in the B-SUV segment. In line with the Renaulution strategic plan, which was announced globally last month, the brand continues to remain the smartest choice in the market by bringing its consumers together with the third generation Sandero family with reliable, authentic and best price-performance ratio vehicles. The models, which were met with great acclaim in September 2020, when they were showcased for the first time, gain a more dynamic and modern look, while also taking Dacia's perception of quality to the next level with comfort, safety and technological features.

The new Sandero and Sandero Stepway have received great acclaim in our country, as well as globally, since their first launch in 2008. The models, which achieved a sales success of 2,1 million in total all over the world, met with more than 110 thousand users in Turkey. The Sandero family, which is the passenger car retail market leader in Europe as of 2017, will carry all these achievements even further with its third generation.

The beginning of a new and stronger story

Expressing that the renewed Sandero family is the beginning of a brand new and stronger story for the Dacia brand, Renault MAİS General Manager Berk Çağdaş said, “The pandemic process we have been through has been a period that reminds us of what is really important in our lives. The mobility of the future invites us to move towards more sustainable consumption, basic needs and what really matters. It is on these foundations that the New Sandero and New Sandero Stepway have been rebuilt from the ground up to offer everything consumers truly need. Comfort, safety and technology features have also been increased in the Sandero family, which has gained a more dynamic and modern look with its new design. Models produced on the CMF-B platform, benefiting from the know-how of the Renault Group, bring many innovations such as X-tronic transmission, electric sunroof and wireless Apple CarPlay. With the new Sandero family, we will be in a new segment as Dacia. While the new Sandero continues to compete in the B-HB segment, we will now have a say in the B-SUV segment with the New Sandero Stepway. We aim to make the New Sandero Stepway one of the most important players in this segment, which makes the SUV spirit feel even more now. The B segment, which includes the Sandero family, is very dynamic and competitive. The B-HB segment took a 2020% share of the total passenger market in 12,1. The B-SUV segment in Turkey, on the other hand, took a 2015 percent share of the total passenger car market in 1,5, while this rate increased significantly to 2020 percent in 6,5. We aim to further strengthen our overall brand performance by taking an assertive place in such important segments for the Turkish market in our renewed models.”

A modern design that raises the bar in terms of aesthetics

Completely redesigned, the New Sandero and Sandero Stepway have gained a much more modern look compared to the previous generation with an athletic and assertive interpretation. The Sandero family, in which all details have changed except the logo on the front, makes a difference with the Y-shaped LED headlights with light signature that defines the new brand identity and the chrome-looking front grille. The repositioned fog lights accompany the completely changed design language at the front. The side windows, which have a more sloping line when viewed from the front, also herald a more efficient designed interior.

At the rear, broad shoulders give New Sandero and Sandero Stepway a strong character. Despite being hidden with the new generation, the easily accessible tailgate release button signals increased ergonomics. The radio antenna, on the other hand, is positioned towards the back of the ceiling, providing a more aesthetic appearance. While the Y-shaped light signature is also found on the taillights, it provides integrity in terms of design. For practical use and aesthetic improvement, the door handles of the cars were also renewed in accordance with this design integrity. In addition, the electric sunroof, which is a first for the Dacia brand, creates a stylish impression and increases the feeling of spaciousness in the interior.

Thanks to the redesigned side mirrors, the width of the New Sandero has increased by 115 mm with the mirrors closed, and only 13 mm with the open. Thus, while the total exterior width of the model remained almost unchanged, the interior space was provided with smart design touches. In the New Sandero, which has a more solid footing, the front wheel track has expanded by 37 mm. The overall height of the car has decreased by 20 mm, while its length has increased by 19 mm. The ground clearance remains the same as the previous generation, while the New Sandero remains a compact car with its dimensions. Although the weight of the car has increased by approximately 60 kg, the aerodynamic drag coefficient has been reduced by 11,1 percent thanks to design elements such as the more sloping windscreen, redesigned side mirrors and hood lines. (0,719) This situation brings lower fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

SUV vaccine for the new Sandero Stepway

New Sandero Stepway, one of the newest and most ambitious players of the B-SUV segment, has assumed the identity of a powerful SUV with its exterior design details. The new Sandero Stepway, which has 41 mm more ground clearance compared to the New Sandero, has increased its width by 87 mm with the mirrors closed. With its renewed design, the New Sandero Stepway has more muscular lines. The lines on the hood also emphasize this strong structure. While the chrome-looking protection skids at the front and rear make the car attractive, the side door guards also support the strong stance. In line with the Dacia brand's philosophy of producing smart solutions, the modular roof bars that come with the New Sandero Stepway for the first time can also be positioned transversely. Thanks to this feature, items such as roof racks, bicycles or ski equipment can be easily loaded into the car.

As in the New Sandero, the aerodynamic drag coefficient has been reduced in the New Sandero Stepway. With a coefficient decreasing by 6,3 percent (0,836), low fuel consumption and carbon dioxide data are reached.

Color and rim options that reflect the style

Seven different color options are offered in the new Sandero and Sandero Stepway. Atacama Orange, the launch color of the new Sandero Stepway, is used for the first time on the model. In the new Sandero, Moonlight Gray joined the color scale for the first time with the third generation.

The New Sandero is offered with two 2-inch and one 15-inch wheels, while the New Sandero Stepway is offered with 16 different 2-inch wheels, depending on the equipment level and option.

A spacious and user-friendly interior

The interior of the new Sandero and Sandero Stepway has also evolved in line with the exterior design. While all the elements except the steering wheel have been changed in the interior, the depth-adjustable and electrically powered steering wheel promises a higher driving comfort. Decorative materials used in the front panel, door panels and seat upholstery provide an eye-pleasing design integrity in the interior. The renewed automatic air conditioning design, together with the new keypad, provides a stylish appearance as well as ergonomics. Indicating the new design language of Dacia, the ventilation grilles carry the perception of quality further. The multimedia screen located on the console provides a technological cockpit experience. The 8-inch multimedia screen available on the models is a first for the Dacia brand.

Unlike the New Sandero, the New Sandero Stepway reflects the SUV identity with Atacama orange details, which are identified with the Dacia brand, on the ventilation frames, interior door panels and special stitching in the seat design.

The instrument panels in the new Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway are now much more readable. The instrument panel, which also shares the LPG tank fullness information with the user, provides great convenience during the journey. The adjustable seats, which are introduced to users with a brand new interpretation, offer a more enjoyable and safe journey.

In addition to the front and rear door panels, the Sandero family offers users a storage volume of 2,5 liters, with an increase of 21 liters compared to the previous generation, in sections such as the center console. The luggage volume of 410 liters, on the other hand, has an assertive position in the segments with its width. Finally, the electric sunroof, which is the first in Dacia models, is among the leading actors of the feeling of spaciousness in the interior.

In the New Sandero family, which has a more spacious interior, shoulder room has increased by 8mm and rear seat legroom has increased by 42mm. With its new legroom, the New Sandero family offers one of the best rear seat legrooms in its class in both models.

Safety and driving features that come with the CMF-B platform

New Sandero and Sandero Stepway, the models where the Modular CMF-B platform, on which the New Renault Clio and Captur models are also produced, is used for the first time specifically for the Dacia brand, come with significant improvements. Thanks to the lighter and stiffer chassis and the new body structure, the transmission of vibrations to the cabin has been reduced and the interior sound has been reduced by 3 to 4 decibels on average.

The new electrically adjustable steering wheel requires 36 percent less power in use than the previous generation. Vehicle speed sensitive steering wheel now works quieter and provides great convenience while driving and manoeuvring.

Finally, the new Sandero family comes with the latest driving assistance systems. With the platform that brings many innovations to the Sandero family, automatic headlights, rain sensor and blind spot warning system are used for the first time. In addition, electric parking brake and hands-free Dacia Kart system are offered for the first time in models with E-Call, Hill Start Assist and Start&Stop technology.

Technology doping with 3 different multimedia systems

The completely renewed Sandero and Sandero Stepway have 3 different multimedia systems that meet the needs of consumers at all levels. The Media Control, which is offered at the entry level, offers USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and includes 2 speakers and a radio system with a 3,5-inch TFT screen. In addition, by downloading the free Media Control application, smartphones placed in the compartment on the front console can be used as a multimedia system. Music, phone, navigation and vehicle information can be viewed through this application. The dual microphones on the driver's side, on the other hand, increase the quality of phone calls for the car by providing clearer voice transmission.

The Media Display system, which is offered as standard in all Prestige versions, has an 8-inch touch screen and Apple CarPlay features. The screen, which has become much more ergonomic by completely changing its position and size, comes with 4 speakers. The Media Display multimedia system is offered with a phone fixing device that can be placed on the left side of the screen. The driver can also communicate with his car via Siri with a single touch, with the help of the button on the steering wheel.

The Media Nav system, on the other hand, is equipped with wireless Apple CarPlay, the first for Renault and Dacia brands, in addition to the features of Media Display. With this system, 2 additional speakers are offered, and it also brings the navigation feature to the consumers.

Efficient engine options combined with X-Tronic transmission for the first time

While the new Sandero and Sandero Stepway offer consumers a rich and efficient engine range, it brings the most accessible automatic transmission option in its class with the X-Tronic transmission offered for the first time. One of the engines conforming to the Euro 6D-Full standard, the turbocharged 90-liter TCe with 1.0 horsepower is offered with a 6-speed manual or X-Tronic transmission. The turbocharged 100 horsepower ECO-G LPG engine option, which has proven its success so far, is available with a 6-speed manual transmission. With this engine, which continues to be the only ex-factory LPG option in the B segment, the Sandero family offers consumers one of the lowest fuel consumption costs in the passenger car market. Equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, the 65-horsepower SCe engine is only available in the New Sandero.

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