T129 ATAK Helicopter Flight Over 30.000 Hours

In the 120th issue of the internal communication magazine of Turkish Aviation and Space Industry, updated information about the T129 ATAK Helicopter was presented.

Our T129 ATAK Helicopter, which successfully meets the tactical reconnaissance and attack helicopter needs of our country, is now stronger and more local with its Phase-2 equipment.

Our T2 ATAK Helicopter, which has been integrated with the Laser Warning Receiver System (LIAs), Radar Warning Receiver System (RIAS), Radar Frequency Jammer System (RFKS) systems with the newly developed Phase-129 equipment, has been armed with great successes in the operations carried out so far. While adding strength to the strength of our forces, it also gained a safer operation capability with its new features.

T2 ATAK, which made its first flight in 2019 with Phase-129 equipment, took its place in the inventory of the General Directorate of Security for the first time with a ceremony held recently. Thus, with the last deliveries, the 60th helicopter was put into service of our country.

The ATAK Helicopter, which has performed over 30.000 hours of flight to date, is among the most reliable attack helicopters in the global aviation ecosystem.

Qualification tests of ATAK FAZ-2 helicopter were successfully completed in December 2020

The first flight of the ATAK FAZ-2 helicopter was successfully carried out at TAI facilities in November 2019. The FAZ-129 version of the T2 ATAK, equipped with laser warning receiver and electronic warfare systems, successfully performed its first flight in November 2019 and qualification tests were initiated. The first delivery of ATAK FAZ-2 helicopters, the domestic rate of which has increased even more, in 2021 was planned.

Within the scope of the T129 ATAK project carried out by the Presidency Defense Industry Presidency, 60 ATAK helicopters produced by the Turkish Aerospace Industry-TUSAŞ were delivered to the security forces. TAI delivered 53 (2 Phase-2) helicopters to the Land Forces Command, 6 to the Gendarmerie General Command and 1 ATAK helicopter to the Turkish National Police. Of the ATAK PHASE-2 configuration, the first deliveries of which were made, 21 will be delivered at the first stage.

Source: defenceturk

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