Mehmetçik's New Hand Grenade OZOK

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar made examinations at the Barutsan Rocket and Explosive Factory in Elmadağ, Ankara of the Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution affiliated to our Ministry. During the visit, where Deputy Minister Muhsin Dere and MKEK General Manager Yasin Akdere were also present, Minister Akar first visited the exhibition of weapons and ammunition produced by MKEK. Minister Akar received information about the products he examined. Among the exhibits were the air-transportable 105 mm Light Towed Boran Howitzer and the lightened version of the National Infantry Rifle MPT-76.

Minister Akar closely examined the Electric Armored Communication Vehicle (E-ZMA), which was then remotely controlled. Minister Akar, who made examinations at the RDX Production Facility Automation Center, watched and received information about the promotional films describing the work carried out at MKEK and RDX facilities.


Among the products that Minister Akar examined at the exhibition, the “OZOK” hand grenade attracted attention. OZOK was designed by Martyr Engineer Lieutenant Ozan Olgu Köreke and Maintenance Petty Officer Senior Sergeant Mustafa Orman and offered to be manufactured by MKEK.

A while after this offer, MKEK implemented the project in order to keep alive the memory of Lieutenant Ozan Olgu Köreke, who was martyred in the operation in Çukurca, Hakkâri on 23 October 2017. OZOK hand grenade was produced within the scope of the project, which was named with the initials of the name and surname of Martyr Lieutenant Köreke.

The OZOK hand grenade with a length of 138 mm and a diameter of 27 mm allows more grenades to be carried on the personnel thanks to its size.

C4 or TNT type explosives are used in the OZOK grenade, which can be thrown at greater distances than other hand grenades because it is light.

Martyr Köreke was injured as a result of the detonation of a handmade explosive that was previously laid by terrorists during the hand-made explosive detection and destruction activity carried out in the countryside of Çukurca district of Hakkari within the scope of the "Major General Aydoğan Aydın Operation" on October 23, 2017. He was martyred without being rescued. We wish God's mercy on our martyrs.

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