MAN 6 × 6 Tank Carrier Vehicles Removed From TAF Inventory Are On Civil Sale

Two of the MAN 6 × 6 tank carrier vehicles found in the Turkish Armed Forces inventory were removed from the inventory.

Two MAN 2 × 6 tank carrier vehicles produced for the Turkish Armed Forces were removed from the inventory and put up for sale with a tender. Vehicles that were included in the inventory in different periods are now offered for civilian sale as "tow trucks". 6 model MAN 1997 model 40.372 × 6 wheel drive vehicles were removed from the inventory as "Khaki" and "White" colors.

The vehicles, which were stated to be removed from the inventory about 2 months ago, were put on the market by Öcallar Otomotiv. MAN 6 × 6 “tow truck” vehicles are sold with Boronkay lovbet.

Vehicle information specified in the sales announcement:

  • Teepee Attractive
  • Brand MAN
  • Seri Other Series
  • Model Other Model
  • Year of production 1997
  • Km 55.573
  • Engine capacity 5001 cm3 and above
  • Motor power 351 - 375 hp
  • Cabin Normal
  • Tire Condition (%) 80
  • Color Green
  • Gear Automatic
  • Fuel Dizel
  • Yatak No
  • From who From the gallery
  • Swap No
  • Availability Second hand

There are different models of MAN 6 × 6 trucks in the TSK inventory. Some of the aforementioned vehicles are used as a TEL, a carrier vehicle of multi-barrel rocket launcher systems and ballistic missiles in the inventory. Kasırga, Sakarya ÇNRA and Yıldırım ballistic missile systems are examples. Kasırga ÇNRA and Yıldırım ballistic missile systems were installed on MAN 26.372 6 × 6 trucks.

Unimog Vehicles Removed from TAF Inventory

Mercedes Benz Türk A.Ş. 1500 Unimogs produced by the Turkish Armed Forces were taken out of the inventory and put up for sale by tender. The 2004L and U2012 Unimoglar vehicles, including the U4000 Unimogs that entered the inventory during 1350-4000, are now available for civilian sale. Among the vehicles removed from the inventory, there are also 2150L model Unimogs.

Mercedes Benz Türk A.Ş. The sales tender made by the Turkish Armed Forces for 2002 Unimog vehicles manufactured by Mercedes Benz Türk A.Ş. won and later these vehicles were purchased by Yılmazlar Uluslararası Nakliyat. Faruk Yılmaz, Transport Sales Manager, regarding Aksaray Web TV, said, “The vehicles produced in Aksaray were put up for sale as the Turkish Armed Forces preferred armored transportation vehicles due to its modernization for security purposes. Thank goodness we got the tender for the Unimogs. " said. Stating that the Unimogs used in the Turkish Armed Forces operate even in very difficult terrain conditions, Yılmaz said that the vehicles, which also have many features of the 1500 × 2020 advanced jeeps, can easily climb 4 degrees slope.

Source: defenceturk

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