How to Obtain Driving License Which Documents Are Required? What are the Conditions for Driving License?

how to get a driver's license, what documents are required, what are the conditions for obtaining a driver's license
how to get a driver's license, what documents are required, what are the conditions for obtaining a driver's license

Do you want to jump in your vehicle and leave yourself to the freedom of asphalt? Do you need to use tools to advance your career planning? Perhaps you want to learn how to drive in case you need it in an emergency. The shortest for all zamYou need to get your driver's license right now.

The driver's license, also known as the driver's license, is an official document showing that the people who will use all motorized or non-motorized vehicles on the highways have the permission to drive. Although it may seem quite easy at first glance, in order to obtain a driver's license, you must meet some conditions, have the necessary documents and pass important exams. Let's take a look at all the information you need to have a license.

What are the Conditions for Driving License?

In order to obtain a driver's license and drive on highways, you must first fulfill a few conditions. We can list these conditions as follows:

  • Age
  • Experience Requirement
  • Education Requirement
  • Health Requirement
  • Exam Requirement
  • Criminal Record Requirement

In order to obtain a driver's license, you must pass the age of 18, which is the minimum age to obtain a driver's license, and complete at least primary school education as a condition of education. As a health condition, you must have a health report that you can get from health centers or hospitals. In this health examination, your eye health, chronic diseases, if any, and body coordination are tested.

In addition, to get a driver's license, you must pass two exams, the written and the driving exam. Then it's time to show your criminal record. Because, Articles 188, 190 and 191 of the Turkish Penal Code, Anti-Smuggling Law No. 5607, Article 4, Clause 7, Article 6136, Article 12 and other paragraphs of the Law No. 2 on Firearms and Knives and Other Tools cannot obtain a license. .

The last requirement to obtain a license is experience. To use some class vehicles, you must have experience in some driver's license groups. For example; In order to have a D1E class driver's license, it is necessary to have a D class driver's license.

Different Vehicles Different Driving Licenses

Before getting a license and preparing a document, the first thing you need to do is to decide which license class you will receive. Because there are different license classes for each type of vehicle. These classes show you which tools you can legally use. In short, your license is only valid for a certain class of vehicle. For example; If you only have a driving license, you cannot drive a tractor. For this reason, before you get a license, you should decide which class you want to get license from. The driving license classes can be listed as follows:

  • Motorcycle License Classes: A, A1, A2, B1
  • Automobile and Van Driving License Classes: B, BE
  • Truck and Lorry License Classes: C, C1, C1E, CE
  • Bus and Minibus Driving License Classes: D, D1, D1E, DE
  • Tractor License Class: F
  • Work Machine License Class: G

Documents Required for Driving License

You have completed the health test required to get a driver's license, you have received the driving school training, you have successfully passed the exams, what should you do now? To speed up the process, you need to collect the necessary documents and costs to get a driver's license as soon as possible. We can list these documents as follows:

  • Identification
  • Driver's Certificate
  • Education Certificate (Education documents taken from abroad must be a notarized translation)
  • 1 biometric photos
  • Blood Type Certificate
  • Criminal Record Certificate
  • Driver Health Report
  • Driver's license, valuable paper and fees and foundation share

After completing these documents, you can get your driver's license from the driving school you applied for and gain the freedom of your vehicle.

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