Are Children's Fears Normal?

Expert Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. If you are worried about your child's fears and wondering if his / her fear is normal, then you should know; Children experience different fears at all ages. For example; A 1 year old baby is afraid of strangers. A 2-year-old fears loud noises, a 5-year-old fears the dark and thieves. A 7-year-old child also begins to fear imaginary beings. The fears of a child who reaches adolescence are mostly related to the fears about the thoughts of others about himself.

Fears are developmental, but vary according to the situation the child is in. The approach of the family and relatives to the child may reinforce the developmental fears of the child and cause it to turn into anxiety.

Fear and anxiety are often confused. Fear, present zamIt takes place in the moment and is the emotion towards the object that we feel at the moment of threat or danger we encounter. Anxiety, on the other hand, is the constant fear of future possibilities, which has no object and is uncertain origin.

Fear, like our other emotions, is healthy and develops the child. The feeling of fear teaches the child to cope with problems, facilitates their harmony with the environment and protects them from dangers.

When you realize that your child is afraid of something, do not forget to consider the developmental period and do not confuse this fear with anxiety. With the hope of raising children who are afraid when necessary but learn to cope with their fear.

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