Antibiotic Use May Cause Hearing Problems

Drawing attention to the factors that cause hearing loss and hearing loss within the scope of the World Ear and Hearing Day on 3 March, Professor of Otolaryngology Department. Dr. Fadlullah Aksoy said, "Temporary or permanent hearing loss can occur due to the side effects of some drugs, especially antibiotics, on the inner ear."

Bezmialem Vakıf University Vice Rector and Faculty Member of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology. Dr. Fadlullah Aksoy said that hearing loss can be congenital or can develop later, and highlighted the factors that cause hearing loss:

"Winter in the wombzamChic, WinterzamSome infections such as sphincter, sphilis, herpes, toxoplasma and CMV cause permanent hearing loss. Hearing loss may also develop in the case of prematurity, perinatal asphyxia, and Kernicterius, which is known as jaundice among the people and progresses with high bilirubin. In addition, recurrent upper respiratory tract infections are seen in childhood, especially after starting nursery and kindergarten. Upper respiratory tract infections can cause middle ear infections. Temporary or permanent hearing loss can occur due to the side effects of some drugs, especially antibiotics, on the inner ear. For this reason, it is extremely important to use the drugs at the appropriate dose and time. "

prof. Dr. Fadlullah Aksoy He continued as follows: “Untreated middle ear infections, zamBy becoming chronic, it both creates a hole in the eardrum and also causes hearing loss by melting the ossicular chain in the middle ear and disrupting its integrity. Exposure to explosion sound and working in a noisy environment for a long time are also among the factors that cause hearing loss. Apart from these, otosclerosis (ear calcification), ear trauma, ear and brain tumors, some hematological diseases, metabolic and many systemic diseases can cause hearing loss. Finally, presbycusis, which can be defined as the physiological aging of the ear, also causes hearing loss. "

Hearing Loss in Children Prevents Speech

Prof. Dr. Fadlullah Aksoy said, “Early diagnosis of hearing loss is extremely important. Especially the diagnosis of congenital hearing loss in the newborn period has become a legal obligation in our country. Thus, it is possible to diagnose newborns while they are still in the hospital. For the development of speaking ability in childhood, first of all, the hearing function must be healthy. In other words, if children who cannot hear are left untreated and left alone, it is inevitable that they will be deaf and dumb. However, even in the case of congenital deafness, early diagnosis and treatment can provide an indistinguishable hearing and hence the ability to speak ”.

"Hearing Loss Can Be Seen in Every Age Group"

Drawing attention to what signals might be about hearing loss in infants and children, Prof. Dr. Fadlullah Aksoy said, “As babies and children cannot express their complaints, parents should be awake. Fever, restlessness, constant crying, behavioral changes, diarrhea, and getting hands to the ear should be suspected and examined by the nearest physician. Recurrent middle ear infections, especially in school-age children, cause fluid accumulation in the middle ear and may result in hearing loss. Since children with hearing loss cannot hear their teacher, their school success decreases. In cases where it is not treated for a long time, it can cause disorders such as introversion because it can disrupt the social communication of the child ”and said the following regarding the findings in adult individuals:

“In middle ear infections that develop in adulthood; It causes complaints such as earache, feeling of fullness in the ears, hearing loss, and fever. "

Prof. Dr. Fadlullah Aksoy said, “As a result, hearing loss is an important health problem that can be seen in all age groups. It is extremely important to identify the causes of hearing loss and to diagnose them at an early stage. There are many medical and surgical options in the treatment of the disease. In the treatment planning phase, many factors should be taken into consideration, especially the type of hearing loss, the development period, the age and social status of the person. "Especially diagnosing congenital hearing loss in the newborn period and starting early treatment prevents the occurrence of irreparable consequences."

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