Turkey's only Native Digital Car Hire Platform Vivi Renewed

Turkey's only Native Digital Car Hire Platform Vivi Renewed
Turkey's only Native Digital Car Hire Platform Vivi Renewed

Worldwide car rental services, rental platformuvivi.com.t is Turkey's first and only domestic dijitalaraç, the new company motto face and announced that the launch campaign with special offers to consumers. Speaking on the subject, ViviBilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. General Manager Selçuk Nazik said, "We make it accessible to users to rent luxury vehicles with the campaign we organize for the launch."

Serving with the motto as you want to rent a car, Vivi announced its renewed brand face and motto to consumers with a special campaign.Within the scope of the campaign, Vivi offers those who want to rent a car to reach luxury vehicles with high market value and affordable vehicle prices. Within the scope of the campaign, which will be valid until October 31, 2020, users will be able to rent a Volkswagen Passat diesel automatic vehicle for 150 TL per day, a zero-kilometer Peugeot 2008 vehicle for 149 TL per day, and a DaciaSandero vehicle for 98 TL per day. In the campaign, which will be valid for rentals between 1-3 days, reservations can be made with only 15% prepayment, and a free cancellation option is offered.

Vivi.com.tr; Japan, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom and all over the world, especially in countries like the US, Enterprise, National, Alamo, Europcar, Goldc such multinational companies as well as Turkey consisting of the leading car rental companies 50 suppliers and tens of thousands of cars serving with its capacity. Vivi offers users the opportunity to access reliable car rental companies with a single click and compare prices and vehicles, rather than browsing the sites of car rental companies one by one.

Renting a car is no longer costly!

Gentle konuşanvivigenel Director Selçuk on the subject, "leading Türkiye'ninö, a combination of quality and reliable car rental firm where, with our brand new car rental platform digital world as we say hello to our users. We crowned our renewed website and visual world with our motto "as you want to rent a car". With the special campaign we organize for the launch, we make it accessible to users to rent luxury cars. We aim to bring together those who have not rented before with the comfort of car rental at special prices for the launch ”.
Underlining that they are pioneers in the sector by bringing software, technology and car rental together on a single platform, Nazik said, “As Vivi, we enable our customers to receive reservations on the website thanks to our infrastructure. We convey the results obtained from hundreds of car rental companies in the most accurate and detailed way. Instead of searching for a car for hours on the internet, users find the right prices with Vivi without paying any commissions and fees, and access affordable prices due to the competition between supplier companies in the developing car rental market. In this context, we will have special campaign setups for our users and suppliers in the upcoming period, ”he said.

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