TUSAŞ Left Its Mark on International ISIF Awards with 15 Awards


ISIF 2020 awards found their owners in the online event. In the event attended by a large number of representatives, Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) received 2 awards with 3 gold, 9 silver and 15 bronze awards, in addition to the IFIA Grand Prix award, which is the biggest award of ISIF awards.

Within the scope of ISIF awards, TAI employee Fahri Buğra Çamlıca, who is entitled to receive the IFIA Grand Prix grand prize with "An Actuator Mechanism", as well as Aykut Kutlu, "An Air Computer" and Değer Akın and Furkan Kulak "A Measurement Mechanism" 'a profit. Continuing its R&D investments rapidly, TAI continued its activities by taking all its precautions even during the pandemic period felt in our country in 2020. In this context, TUSAŞ, which allocated 2019 to 3 billion TL R&D expenditure, increased its R&D personnel to 3 thousand. TAI, which designs the aircraft of the future from today, reached the total number of applications in the first half of 2020 in categories such as patents and utility products last year.

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