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AloTech, which allows companies of all sizes that want to offer call center services to their customers, to offer these services on a single infrastructure via the cloud, draws attention with its office-free working model that it has implemented with a liberal and trust-based strategy. The application, which was implemented in line with the free working environment preferences of the new generation in the team research conducted by AloTech, was designed with an approach focused on efficiency instead of working hours of the employees. Traffic and road traffic, which is one of the biggest problems of workers in big cities, zamIt is aimed to increase the quality of life of the employees with this working method that offers the opportunity to devote the memory to themselves.

Offering all call center functions as a "service" over the internet to businesses that want to offer call center services to their customers, AloTech has implemented an office-free working model with a strategy based on freedom and trust. AloTech, which enables employees to work from wherever they want and follows an efficiency-oriented approach instead of working hours, has switched to a continuous office-free working model with long-term research and analysis. Its technological know-how and already a successful transition process through providing the infrastructure ready alotech, consistently among the leading companies offering ofiss opportunity to work in Turkey. 

Employees to do their jobs within their own responsibilities and zamAloTech, which is advancing with this new model that supports them to freely adjust their moments according to themselves and evaluates according to the quality of the work done, has many personnel who prefer to work in different cities from Istanbul after the decision to work without an office. Ankara, Aydin, Izmir, Adana, Bursa, Konya, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya, Antakya, Kırklareli, Balikesir, Istanbul, Yalova, Kocaeli, Malatya, Tekirdag, Kütahya, Eskişehir, Nigde and separated from Istanbul to Gaziantep, Turkey Employees who have started to work in many different provinces enjoy the privilege of a free working environment.

Due to the Kovid-19 pandemic, AloTech increased the number of its employees by 50 percent in order to provide faster and better service to both its existing customers and more than 15 new corporate customers, and provided a serious efficiency with this liberal and trust-based working method.

Employees passing on the road zamcan now devote their moments to their families, loved ones and hobbies

Commenting on this new working model they have implemented, AloTech HR Manager Eda Nergis Şahin said, “We have implemented our office-free working model, which we apply by using the power of digital technologies, to embrace the new generation and to offer the necessary freedom, thus. zamWe aimed to eliminate the factors that cause loss and decrease efficiency. Passing by zamOur employees, who are able to devote their moments to their favorite hobbies, also spend more time with their families and loved ones. zamIt also increases the quality of life by passing moments. Thus, their motivation and efficiency increase. In this context, instead of an approach that evaluates our employees in working hours between 09.00 - 17.00, we apply a strategy that frees them. Working remotely means for us zammomentum does not mean working from home. Our employees are completely free to work on the beach or in the garden, in short, wherever they feel more efficient and productive. We even encourage our employees in this regard. " said.

Everywhere with the motto "AloTech is where I am" is with its employees

Stating that they follow the status, feelings and thoughts of their employees through online trainings, weekly video conference meetings and surveys while doing all these, Şahin said, “With the motto 'Where I am AloTech is there', it also supports our employees with work kits that include motivational tools from technology to personal development, With online training, we stand by their career paths. In addition, we will continue our social activities such as our Happy-Hour events, conferences, in-city or out-of-town mass travel organizations, which we have postponed due to Kovid-19, in our office-free working model after the end of the pandemic, and we will continue our surprises that will continuously increase the motivation and happiness of our employees. Our employees' evaluation of this working method as very effective in our surveys has also been a source of happiness for us. " He spoke in the form.

Those who want can also work from the office

Stating that they make the necessary arrangements for those who want to continue working in the office, Şahin said, “We also take into account the wishes of our employees who think that working in the office is more efficient for them than working outside the office. For this reason, we have left certain parts of our office open for those who do not prefer to work remotely or who do not have a working environment at home besides team meetings. However, we will use most of our office for activity areas and to increase communication. We have a stage for musicians and a communal chat and playground for socializing. Our main goal is to use our office to increase team communication and to provide a pleasant environment rather than a regular working environment. " said.

Recruitment is also done online.

Stating that they started to carry out their recruitment processes online, Şahin said: “In our new working model, we are now doing internship and recruitment interviews online. We have observed that such interviews are more efficient. The main reason for this is that we conduct our meetings more efficiently and in a more focused way through the online platform by eliminating all negative environmental factors. The most striking situations were the candidates' readiness, self-confidence due to the comfort of the environment, and the positivity they reflected as they were not exposed to stress factors such as traffic. In addition, we increased the number of our employees by more than 50 percent in order to meet the needs of both our existing customers and more than 19 new corporate customers who have just started using our infrastructure and to support them in the Kovid-15 process. This year, we aim to further increase the number of our employees with our active searches. "

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