Romania Said Karsan Jest Electric Again!

Karsan, which offers transportation solutions in line with the mobility needs of the age in its factory located in Bursa, won the electric minibus tender held in Beclean, Romania. Near zamcurrently held for the Romanian city of Suceava [...]


Who is Edip Akbayram?

Ahmet Edip Akbayram, also known as Edip Akbayram (born 29 December 1950, Gaziantep), is a Turkish musician. Life story He was born on December 29, 1950 in Gaziantep. He contracted polio when he was only nine months old. It [...]


Who is Erkin Koray?

Erkin Koray (24 June 1941; Kadıköy, Istanbul) is a Turkish rock and Anatolian rock artist. He has produced original works in Anatolian rock, psychedelic rock and hard rock genres and rearranged many folk songs. [...]


Who is Tanju Okan?

Tanju Okan (born August 27, 1938; Tire, Izmir – died May 23, 1996) is a Turkish singer, musician and film actor. Tanju Okan was born on 27 August 1938 in Tire. [...]


Who is Dario Moreno?

David Arugete Moreno, or by the stage name Dario Moreno, (born 3 April 1921, Aydın – d. 1 December 1968, Istanbul), is a Turkish guitarist, pianist and film actor of Italian Jewish descent. Life story [...]


Who is Seyyal Taner?

Seyyal Taner (28 September 1952, Şanlıurfa) is a Turkish singer and actor. It brought a difference to the stages with its colorful spectrum brought to Turkish pop music and Turkish rock music, unlike the vocalists who only sing, [...]