Akıncı TİHA's Second Prototype Completes Its First Flight

The second prototype of Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA (Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), developed by BAYKAR with domestic and national resources, is the first prototype carried out at Bayraktar AKINCI Flight and Training Center in Çorlu Airport Command. [...]

TOGG Prices

TOGG Made a Statement About Prices

For a few days, there have been rumors on social media that the prices of the domestic car TOGG are certain. In fact, a table showing the prices of TOGG according to the hardware levels stood out. But from TOGG's official Twitter account [...]

Another new brand from Hyundai, ioniq

A New Brand From Hyundai: IONIQ

Hyundai Motor Company continues to make the IONIQ model, which has made its name known in the automotive world with its electric and hybrid versions, as a brand now. Continuing its rise in the field of electric cars and the same zamindustry at the moment [...]

Contactless service on the beach started

Contactless Service Period Started in KIA Services

KIA, the brand of Çelik Motor, one of the Anadolu Group companies, continues its efforts to make the lives of its customers easier by moving many transactions to digital during the Covid-19 outbreak. In addition to digital services such as KIA, Online Dealer and KIAFAN [...]

Guest Posts

Makeup Course

People need to be trained to exist in the make-up industry and to perform this job professionally. With the training of competent people in this field, the desired level of makeup can be achieved. Especially [...]


Who is Barış Manço?

Barış Manço (born January 2, 1943; Üsküdar, Istanbul – died February 1, 1999; Kadıköy, Istanbul), Turkish artist; singer, composer, songwriter, TV show producer and host, columnist State Artist [...]


Who is İlhan İrem?

İlhan İrem, born İlhan Aldatmaz, was born in Bursa (born April 1, 1955, Bursa), a Turkish singer, composer, lyricist, poet and writer. Music career He started taking solfeggio and singing lessons in middle school. [...]