How to Apply for a High School Graduate Office Officer from İŞKUR?

Turkey Business Association (TEO), has announced that it will employ 680 people to the reception desk officer in the different provinces. Application of the candidates will make at least secondary school (high school) and graduated to criteria such as being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey must bear. The employment in question will be made to private sector institutions and we explain all those who are curious about the application for you. Here are the details ...



An office clerk is the person who ensures that environments such as offices and bureaus continue their daily operations without interruption. These people, who undertake most part of in-office communication and correspondence, zamThey can also act as the face of the company that opens to the outside. Firms that post office clerk job postings, among the people they will recruit; They expect them to do daily correspondence, take transcripts and file, report, contact outside guests and customers, establish connections with official institutions and organizations. The criteria of companies that give office clerk job postings may vary according to their field of work. A company operating in the field of foreign trade may want the office personnel to be hired to speak the language; Accounting offices may expect people who will work for them to be able to use business-related programs. Firms that create office clerk advertisements, from all candidates; they want them to be able to actively use a computer. It is seen that people who are prone to teamwork, have a proper diction and work discipline, have the necessary qualifications to be an office clerk.



Candidates who will apply for the office staff announcement whose applications are accepted from İŞKUR must meet the following conditions.

  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,
  • Security investigation and archive search have been concluded positively.
  • To have special conditions determined by institutions,
  • No health problems,
  • To be at least a high school graduate (There are also advertisements for associate degree graduates)
  • To be in the age range specified in the special application conditions of the advertisements,
  • To be familiar with office programs,
  •  To be smiling.


To apply for office clerk job advertisements published by İŞKUR, İŞKUR's member profile must be registered online. To apply later "HEREBy clicking on ”you can see the postings in the provinces and districts suitable for you and make your application process.

İŞKUR Registration Procedures

The first step in job search is registration. Job seekers who want to benefit from the services of the Institution must register as a member of the Agency portal or by applying to the Institution units in person. Complete and accurate information about both the vacant job and the job seeker is essential for a successful match. It is very important for those who will register on the internet or through the staff of the Agency to fully and accurately reflect the information about themselves in their placement for the appropriate job. For this reason, please enter your personal, contact, education, profession and other information completely and accurately into the system.

İŞKUR Registration Conditions

Job seekers must be over the age of 14 in order to register with our institution. Declaration is taken as basis for registration. No responsibility can be imposed on the Agency for the statements being untrue.

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