New Feature from İşbank to TekCep

Business offered by the Bank and tekcep a first in Turkey with a new feature in the commercial banking entity tekpos companies, it will find the opportunity to follow the movements of the different banks POS İşCep out of business, commercial and Internet Banking.

Thanks to the TekPOS service, POS transactions in other banks can be viewed on a single screen without the need to access the digital channels of individual banks or to constantly check e-mails. Firms can monitor their movements passing through different bank POS terminals on a daily basis with details such as the transaction amount, the amount to be credited to the account and the date it will be credited to the account.

With the TekPOS feature added to TekCep, which is the product of the combination of Softtech's technological power and İşbank's wide customer network and innovative approach, emerging as an important step in the field of open banking and offering integrated account movements in different banks, commercial customers can also be used for POS transactions. it gets comfort.

These services of TekCep will be offered free of charge throughout 2020.

TekPOS both zamIt saves time and makes daily tracking easier.

While İşbank adapts technological developments to its internal operations, zamrealizes the ideas that will support the digitalization processes of its customers with the services and products it provides. With the addition of TekPOS feature to TekCep, which İşbank offers to its customers, legal entities can manage POS transactions zamIn addition to saving time, it also facilitates the management of banking transactions. being the first character of the banking sector in Turkey and which can be used free of charge during the 2020 tekpos it can be used over İşCep commercial or commercial Internet Banking. - Hibya News Agency

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