52 Years of 'Anatolia' Love


The love for Anatolia started 27 charms ago. Emral liked to buy the Anadol car that his friend used 27 years ago. Convincing his friend to sell his vehicle after long efforts, Emral has been carefully maintaining and cleaning his 52-year-old automobile, which he calls "my first love", for 27 years.

Emral wants his vehicle, which he describes as "Super Star", to remain as a memory for his grandchildren. Mustafa Sami Emral said he bought the car from a friend in 1993.

Buying a car without retiring zamExplaining that she was thinking at the moment and that this dream came true one year before retirement, Emral said, “Zaman zamI would go myself when my vehicle was damaged. I enjoy getting into my vehicle. All parts of my vehicle are original. " he spoke.

Emral stated that he liked the attention of his vehicle in the places he went and said, “While I was traveling with my car, there were many who wanted to buy it, but I do not want to sell it. This car has become my hobby now. With my car, I go to places such as Bartın and Amasra as well as touristic places, and I enjoy traveling. We can say this car is my first love because I have never had another car. My first love, I hope it will be my last love. There will be a memory left behind for my grandchildren. " used the expressions.

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