GM Signed 1 million 750 thousand Corvettes

With roots going back to 1953 Chevrolet Corvette, It has survived to the present day through many design processes. Car manufactured since 1953 "Muscular American" cars and "Sports Car" concepts have a very valuable place in the past.

Chevrolet brand, owned by General Motors, last week In the Bowling Green factory, the 1 million 750 thousandth Corvette model was removed from the band. A very valuable milestone for the brand, this car offers the Z51 performance package.


Bowling Green Factory Manager Kai Spande said, ''These shape spacers are the case for Corvette models every 10 years. But this time, the model we have reached this production number is different than the Vette we are used to, because this car is the first Corvette with a mid-engine. He used his words.


General Motors' 1 million 750 thousandth Corvette model took its place in the National Corvette Museum. New car; The 1992 millionth produced in 1 will be exhibited together with the 2009 millionth model produced in 1.5.

With a list price of $ 58, the car can reach a speed of 900 to 0 km / h in less than 100 seconds. The Z3 coded car has a 51-liter V6.2-cylinder engine capable of producing 8 horsepower and 495 Nm of torque.

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