2020 Best Selling Car Models

Automotive Distributors Association (ODD)Announced the best selling car brands of 2020. Thus "Do users prefer automatic or manual vehicles, diesel or fuel vehicles?" The answer to the question has also emerged. Automotive Distributors Association (ODD) with respect to the information, Turkey total market for cars and light commercial vehicles, 2020 compared to the same period a year prior the end of July increased by 60,3 percent and so the sales numbers 341.469 was realized.

Car sales in July 2020 compared to the previous year percent 350,9 increased 69.427 was realized. Sales data showed that the light commercial vehicle market increased by 610,7 percent, and the number of light commercial vehicles sold was 17.974. Best selling brand of 2020 and modelsne Let's always take a look together.

That Turkey's best-selling car brands and models in 2020;

  • FIAT Number of sales: 56507 Best selling model Egea Sedan: 33.269 units

  • RENAULT Number of sales: 48904 Best selling model Clio HB: 22.409 units

  • FORD Sales number: 30048 Best selling model Focus: 5384 units

  • VOLKSWAGEN Number of sales: 30496 12574 units Best selling model Passat: XNUMX units

  • PEUGEOT Sales: 20817 Best selling model 3008: 7311 units

  • OPEL Sales number: 17105 Best selling model Astra Sedan: 4419 units

  • DACIA Sales number: 16006 Best selling model Duster: 9040 units

  • TOYOTA Number of sales: 15237 Best selling model Corolla: 11953 units

  • HYUNDAI Number of sales: 12572 Best selling model Tucson: 6281 units

  • CITROEN Number of sales: 12474 Best selling model C5 Aircross: 5199 units

  • HONDA Number of sales: 10487 Best selling model Civic Sedan: 9281 units

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