Used Car Sales New Regulation

The amendments made in the regulation on the trade of second hand motor vehicles prepared by the Ministry of Trade were published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

New regulation for used car sales

Accordingly, the rule was imposed on leasing companies to carry out leasing activities for at least one year to sell their vehicles. Another innovation brought by the regulation was that those without authorization documents were given the right to sell a maximum of 3 second-hand vehicles within a year.

In the amendment published in the current issue of the Official Gazette, “This Regulation; second hand motor vehicle trade activities of real or legal person merchants, tradesmen and craftsmen, the adaptation and bases of the issuance, renewal and cancellation of the authorization document, the obligations of the enterprises engaged in the second hand motor vehicle trade and the rules sought in the collective business and vehicle markets, It covers the payment procedures in the trade of hand motor vehicles and the mission, authorities and responsibilities of the Ministry, authorized administration and other relevant institutions and organizations related to the trade of second hand motor vehicles ”.

Just like the 13th issue of the Regulation has been changed in the form below with its title.

“Promotion and announcement of used motor vehicle.

  • (1) On the second-hand motor vehicle offered for sale, an identification card containing the actual introductory information of the vehicle in a quickly visible and readable form is kept.
  • (2) The authorization document number and the following minimum information about the second hand motor vehicle are included in the introduction card:
  • a) Brand, breed, type and model year.
  • b) Engine and chassis number by darkening some of the numbers or letters.
  • c) Plate number.
  • ç) Fuel type.
  • d) Its mileage.
  • e) Sale price.
  • f) Painted and changed parts.
  • g) Claim record by stating the nature.
  • ğ) Whether there are annotations for pledge or attachment.
  • (3) Enterprises that make an announcement regarding the trade of second hand motor vehicles are obliged to comply with the following issues in these announcements:
  • a) To include the authorization document number and the business name or title in the authorization document and other information specified in the second paragraph.
  • b) Not to include third parties deceiving information and documents.
  • c) To terminate the announcement activity within three days if the second hand motor vehicle is sold or the deadline for vehicle delivery documents expires.
  • (4) Real or legal individuals who mediate the announcement regarding the trade of second-hand motor vehicles on the internet are obliged to comply with the following issues:
  • a) Providing opportunities for businesses to fulfill the obligation specified in subparagraph (a) of the third paragraph.
  • b) Auditing authorization documents via the Ministry's website or Information System prior to membership of the enterprises and not allowing membership of enterprises that do not have authorization documents.
  • c) In the announcements made by more than one enterprise for one-to-one second-hand motor vehicles, immediately remove the unauthorized announcements from the publication upon the request of the owner of the vehicle or the enterprise that has the vehicle delivery document for that vehicle.
  • ç) To provide connection with customer services so that requests and complaints regarding announcements can be transmitted via at least one of the internet-based contact procedures and via telephone. To ensure that these demands and complaints are managed and concluded actively.
  • d) To convey information regarding announcements, complaints and memberships to the Ministry in accordance with the Ministry's requests.
  • e) To comply with the measures taken by the Ministry with the aim of improving the trade of second hand motor vehicles and protecting the consumers. "

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