2020 Turkish companies took part in 100 Defense News Top 7

Defense News magazine announced the list of defense industry companies with the highest turnover in the world.

Defense News Top 100 list this year called the 7 firms from Turkey (ASELSAN, TEI, BMC ROKETSAN STM Fnss, HAVELSAN took) place.

ASELSAN entered the top 50, while FNSS and HAVELSAN entered the list for the first time.

TAI was included in this list, which included ASELSAN until 2012. ROKETSAN entered the list in 2017, STM in 2018 and BMC in 2019 for the first time. With the addition of FNSS and HAVELSAN this year, the number of Turkish companies increased from two to seven four years ago.

In addition, Turkey firm in terms of number seven companies, the United States, the United Kingdom and then took the 7th place in China.

Presidency Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made the following statement on his social media account Twitter: “Our National Defense Industry is growing day by day. 7 of our companies entered the Defense News Magazine's list of defense companies with the highest turnover in the world. While there were 2 companies on the list four years ago, today this number has increased to 7, which made us extremely happy. I congratulate our companies on the list and wish them continued success. Our goal is to be on this list with more defense companies.

Turkish companies in the 2020 Defense News Top 100 List

While ASELSAN increased its position from 4nd to 52th in the list last year by 48 steps, Turkish Aerospace Industries TAI, which ranked 69th last year, moved up 16 steps to 53rd place. BMC ranked 89th, ROKETSAN 91st and STM 92th on the list. This year, FNSS ranked 98th and HAVELSAN ranked 99th for the first time.

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