10 Karsan Gestures + Delivery to Hakkari Municipality

Gesture Gesture Delivery to Hakkari Municipality
Gesture Gesture Delivery to Hakkari Municipality

Offering modern solutions with the public transportation systems it develops, local manufacturer Karsan continues to be the solution partner of the cities. Lastly, Karsan delivered 10 Gestures + vehicles to be used in urban public transportation services within Hakkari Municipality.

Offering transportation solutions that meet the mobility needs of the age in its factory in Bursa, Karsan continues to be the choice of cities that want to renew and strengthen their vehicle fleet. In this context, Karsan delivered 10 Gestures + vehicles to the city to be used in the public transportation services of the Hakkari Municipality. Assessing the subject, Karsan Commercial Affairs Deputy General Manager Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu stated that Karsan offers solutions to many different regions from the largest metropolises to developing cities with its product range. He preferred Karsan to take measures regarding the problems in urban transportation and to provide comfortable and safe services to citizens. Therefore, we are happy to deliver our Jest + vehicles with camera and recording features to this city. Our vehicles will serve the city within the municipality and will contribute positively to the regional transportation. ”

Safe and comfortable travel with gesture +!

Offering important advantages in accident prevention with hill departure support and lane tracking system, Jest + also stands out with its low-floor feature to suit disabled use. Jest +, which also provides competitive advantage with affordable maintenance costs, easily handles the most difficult maneuvers even in the most congested traffic in the heart of the city with its low turning radius.

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