Second-Hand Vehicle Sale Period Begins at the Door

Second-Hand Vehicle Sale Period Begins at the Door

changing habits step by step, second-hand vehicle market in Turkey, Petrol Ofisi vavacars's sister company, the pandemic spent more days in the life of a tool that makes it easy methods to buy more life. With the application, which is currently valid in Istanbul as a pilot region, VavaCars customers who want to sell their vehicles can easily make an appointment and quickly rate their vehicles at any address they wish. Moreover, this evaluation is done by the Mobile Purchasing Team consisting of a VavaCars and TÜV SÜD D-Expert specialist. After the expertise, if the customer accepts the determined price, sales transactions are started quickly.

Reshaping the used car market with safe, fast and transparent processes, VavaCars' innovative approach brings customer-friendly solutions. The company now brings the sale of vehicles, which have become difficult due to the health agenda and social distance rules, with the slogan “VavaCars at your address”, to the feet of customers.

The system is pretty easy. The process begins with the customer getting a pre-pricing from VavaCars' website. Then, when you come to the appointment creation section on the site, the 'VavaCars at your address' option is clicked and it is opened at 9 hour intervals between 00: 18-30: 1,5. zamThe appointment is created by selecting one of the moments. The customer is called within 1 hour to confirm the appointment. Then the VavaCars team, consisting of a purchasing representative and TÜV SÜD D-Expert expert, goes to the address given by the customer with the necessary technological materials, and after an evaluation of approximately 30-45 minutes, a price offer is presented to them. If the price is found suitable, the nearest VavaCars center is visited for a final check of the vehicle, and when the price is shaken, the notary procedures are completed quickly and the money transfer is made to the account on the same day.

“It is our job to produce solutions that make life easier”

VavaCars CEO Lawrence Merritt said the following about the new opportunity they provide to their customers: “Inventions arise from needs, and we focused on coming up with innovations and facilitating the lives of our customers based on the effects of the coronavirus agenda. If a customer is worried about moving away from his home, traveling, it's no problem. We bring VavaCars to your home without waiting for any fee and without having to sell your car. Despite the coronavirus and thanks to VavaCars, selling cars has never been easier. ”

Overview of the current used car market

Shortly before the “VavaCars” application at your address, the company announced that it offered the option to postpone its payments for 30 days to dealers who will purchase vehicles from VavaCars to relieve the stagnation caused by the pandemic agenda.

According to the latest research of EBS Consulting, which makes analysis on automotive, the contraction with coronavirus in the used car market was above expectations, and in April 2020, sales of second-hand vehicles decreased by 2 percent compared to the previous year.

However, it is seen that the second hand car market has begun to re-energize since the first week of May. The main reasons for this mobilization are the interest rates falling gradually, pushing the 2% band, the supply problem in the zero vehicle market and the doubling of the use of private vehicles in line with the new normals brought by COVID-0,87 compared to the pandemic period.

With the increasing demand in May, increases in second-hand prices were observed. When the first week of the month is compared with the last week, 6% price increases in low segment vehicles and 5% in upper segment vehicles are observed.

Source: Hibya News Agency

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