Camouflageless Images of Mercedes 2021 S Series Revealed

2020 Mercedes S-series

The first camouflaged images of the highly anticipated 2021 Mercedes S series appeared. The exterior and interior images of the new 2021 Mercedes S series, leaked by an Instagram user, revealed almost every detail about the vehicle.

Merecedes has made significant changes to the blinds of the new S series. A larger grill design than usual is immediately visible. One of the important changes on the front is the new headlight assembly of the s-series. The rear headlight kits resemble the A-series headlight kits. In addition, the metal detail through the tailgate and the dual exhaust outlet made the rear view of the vehicle very stiff.

From the outside, the new Mercedes S-series clearly shows that the W223 has a design very close to the design used in the new CLS. Significant changes seem to have been made inside the vehicle. The new MBUX multimedia system is among the most curious changes. It is also one of the details that are wondering what the part left between the windshield and the steering wheel will work.

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