Everything About Agriculture at 'Agriculture Forest Academy'

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has added a new format to the agricultural education and publication activities it continues for farmers, producers and forest villagers, along with the developing virus epidemic. “Agriculture Forestry”, which was built with the philosophy of distance education [...]

Mercedes Recalls AMG GT Cars
German Car Brands

Mercedes Recalls 2020 AMG GT Cars

Mercedes-Benz is recalling some of its 2020 AMG GT vehicles due to a malfunction of the emergency call system communication modules (eCall). In the US-only recall, the US National Highway Traffic Administration [...]

Naval Defense

ASELSAN's Sea Eye Octopus System Ready for Duty

Denizgözü-AHTAPOT system was developed specifically for naval platforms considering the needs of the Naval Command's Electro-Optical Diffector (EOD) System and was designed to be used as a replacement for the ASELFLIR-300D system, which was delivered previously. [...]

Fuel and Autogas Prices Zam Done

Fuel and Autogas Prices Zam Done

Fuel and Autogas Prices Zam Done. Discounts on fuel prices and zam The news is not interrupted. Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus epidemic, discounts on fuel prices have been repeatedly and zamwere made. This time [...]


About Nuri Demirağ

He was born in Divrigi district of Sivas in 1886; He died in Istanbul on November 13, 1957. one of the first and important entrepreneurs in the aviation industry in Turkey. Railways have made large investments in the Republic of Turkey and Turkey's industrial development [...]