New 2021 Model Renault Kadajar

2021 Renault Kadjar Comes With Important Innovations

The new version of the Kadjar model, which has achieved strong sales figures of the French manufacturer Renault, is expected to be released in 2021, and will bring important changes. The new Kadjar, which will come as a second generation, has been completely updated. [...]


İzmir Railway Museum

A vineyard building right across Alsancak Station, one of the important cultural heritages of İzmir, is home to a museum today. Izmir TCDD Museum and Art Gallery, where you will be met by real witnesses of history, is the memory of railways in Anatolia [...]


İzmir Çamlık Steam Train Museum

Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum or Çamlık Railway Museum is an open-air railway museum located in the Çamlık neighborhood of the Selçuk district of İzmir. It is the largest railway museum in Turkey and the museum's collection is the largest in Europe. [...]


Saudi Arabia to Produce Turkish Guns From 2021

In the statement made from the Twitter account of the General Directorate of Military Industry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (GAMI), it was stated that the studies for the development and manufacture of unmanned aircraft systems were started. In the statement made, the project calendar [...]


Eurasia Airshow 2020 Fair Postponed to December

Turkey's first aviation exhibition based on the flight show Eurasia Airshow 2020 will be held in Antalya International Airport on 2-6 December 2020 date. The fair, which was planned to be held in April, had to be postponed due to the pandemic process. Fair [...]


ESHOT Balance Inquiry and Loading ESHOT TL

ESHOT Balance Inquiry and ESHOT TL Loading: Kentkarts, which have been used in İzmir's public transportation for many years, have been converted to İzmirim Card as of June 1, 2015. Since there is no change in the system for the users, the old Kentkart [...]

Gas Prices Zam Done

Gas Prices Zam Done

Gasoline prices per liter zam done. Discounts on fuel prices and zam The news is not interrupted. Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus epidemic, discounts on fuel prices have been repeatedly and zamwere made. This time [...]