Fiat Pauses Production in Italy Due to Corona Virus
Italian Car Brands

Fiat Pauses Production in Italy Due to Corona Virus

Fiat is temporarily suspending automobile production in Italy. Fiat's factory in Italy will be disinfected against the danger of corona virus. During the practice of suspending production, production in the factory will be stopped at intervals of 2 or 3 days. [...]

Mercedes Benz Electric Vito
German Car Brands

New Mercedes Electric Vito Introduced

Mercedes renewed its electric vito model. The new Mercedes eVito has developed an electric version of the Vito, a model widely used in passenger and freight transport. The eVito, the new electric Vito that goes by its name, with its fully charged battery [...]

How to Car Care for Summer

Car Summer Care How To Do

How to do car summer maintenance? It is useful to carry out a detailed summer maintenance for the vehicles that come out of the harsh conditions of the winter season. Vehicles coming out of harsh seasonal conditions such as rain, mud, snow, icing [...]