new hyundai elantra

Design Wonders New Hyundai Elantra Introduced

One of Hyundai's most popular models, the new hyundai elantra, appeared before car lovers with its seventh generation. The new car, which was introduced at The Lot Studios in Hollywood, has a completely different design and technological features. [...]

Diesel Sale

Diesel Sale Is Coming

After the Gasoline Discount, this time comes the Diesel Discount. The decline in oil prices is also reflected in fuel prices. After the third gasoline discount, a discount is also coming for diesel prices. From midnight tonight [...]

Investments in the expertise sector do not slow down

Investments do not slow down in the expertise sector

After the clarification of the standards for opening an appraisal center with the regulations made in the second-hand vehicle sector, appraisal companies that accelerated their investments started to take giant steps towards institutionalization and branching. One of the leading companies in the sector with its innovations [...]