Car Summer Care How To Do

How to Car Care for Summer
How to Car Care for Summer

How should car summer maintenance be done? It is useful to provide a detailed summer care for the vehicles that come out of the harsh conditions of the winter season. Winter tires, mud, snow, frosting, tire control, brake system control, filter change, rod-balance adjustment, battery control, wiper maintenance, air conditioning maintenance, oil change, vehicle cleaning and It should pass in terms of a detailed summer, such as installing a summer tire. Here is the answer to the question "How should I care for the summer car?".

Checking and Changing Tires:

For car summer maintenance, winter tires should be removed first and summer tires replaced. The use of winter tires in hot weather negatively affects both comfort and driving safety. Well, even if it is not recommended by experts, if you are using all season tires, your tires may be worn out due to cold winter months, rain and snow. In addition, since some tires are not resistant to heat in the hot summer months, the tire is more likely to wear out on uneven roads than normal. In summer, on asphalt roads and especially during long trips, as the speed of vehicle usage increases, tire wear and problems may occur with the increase in the temperature of the tire. For this reason, the tires should be checked when entering the summer, if the tires are old, the long road should not be changed without changing and if possible, summer tires should be used. It is also useful to check the spare tires during these checks.

Tie Rod and Balance Adjustment:

Rot adjustment means that the wheels are facing in the same direction when the vehicle steering wheel is turned in any direction; The balance adjustment is the setting that ensures that the angles and distances of the vehicle wheels are equal. In winter, Rot and Balance Adjustment may not be noticeable due to difficult road conditions. However, towards the summer months, it is an important setting that both distorts comfort and provides long-distance steering control. When you drive your vehicle at high speed; If you have the impressions of “pulling to the right or left, trembling at the steering wheel”, you should definitely make the tie-balance of your vehicle.

Brake system:

One of the most important equipment of a vehicle is the braking system. The brake system must be checked during the summer maintenance of the car. If the brake adjustment is out of order, it may prevent you from stopping when necessary, and it may cause rapid wear of the tires. The brake fluid level must also be between minimum and maximum. The brake pads, discs and brake hydraulic pipes should be checked and replaced if they have completed their damage or service life.

Making Filter Changes:

Due to the increasing air temperature in the summer, the engine needs more cooling. Therefore, air filter cleaning has an important place. Dirty and clogged filters reduce the air intake of the engine, which both reduces the efficiency of the vehicle and can cause the engine to be damaged by rising to high temperatures. In addition, the dirty and clogged filter will increase fuel consumption by 15 percent. Therefore, it is important to change and control the air filter when switching to both winter and summer.

Air Conditioning Maintenance:

Car air conditioner maintenance is required before entering the summer months. Air conditioners are used in the vehicles due to the increase in the heat and the interior of the vehicles getting hot in the summer months. Therefore, the most important thing when entering the summer will be to have your air conditioner checked. The air conditioner should be maintained in order not to cause any problems and it should be ensured to work properly. Your air conditioner that you do not use during the winter months may not work efficiently due to exhaust gases, air pollution and polluted pollen filter. Therefore, when entering the summer, the pollen filter should be checked and if necessary, it should be changed. Air conditioning maintenance is very important to provide comfort in the summer.


At the beginning of summer, it is beneficial for radiators to be maintained. Considering that the travels increase more in the summer months, the summer maintenance of the vehicles should not be neglected. If radiator maintenance is neglected, the vehicle may overheat due to the increase in air temperature.

Maintenance and Control of Wipers:

In the summer, with or without rain, you will need to clean your windows due to hot and dusty weather. For this reason, the wipers should be checked and, if worn, should be renewed in terms of angle of view and driving safety, make sure that the glass water is working, and it should be added immediately when the glass water runs out.


For summer maintenance, automobile cleaning is considered a must. Interior and exterior cleaning of the vehicle should be done after the end of the winter months. If you live especially in snowy areas, salt used to fight snow can stick to your vehicle and cause both important parts to be corroded and your vehicle's paint to be worn out. Therefore, at the end of the winter months, you should clean your vehicle in a way that will remove salt.

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