New Mercedes Electric Vito Introduced

Mercedes Benz Electric Vito

Mercedes has renewed the electric vito model. The new Mercedes eVito developed the electric version of the model Vito, which is widely used in passenger and freight transport. eVito, with its new electric Vito fully charged battery, can travel approximately 420 kilometers.

The previous model of the Electric Vito could cover a distance of 150 kilometers with a fully charged battery. The most important factor in increasing the range of the new Electric eVito is the new battery system with a capacity of 90kWh. The previous Electric Vito only had a battery system with a capacity of 41kWh.

50kW charging capacity will be offered as standard for the new Mercedes eVito. However, 110kW fast charging feature can optionally be added to the vehicle. The fast charging feature will increase the battery of the new electric Vito from 45 percent to 10 percent in less than 80 minutes.

The 150kW electric motor of the new Mercedes eVito can produce equal power to a 204 hp internal combustion engine.

The new Mercedes eVito does not compromise on comfort and luxury. The car, which has an air suspension system, also includes active brake support and adaptive speed control system. Providing advanced management facilities for Apple CarPlay compatible 7-inch touch screen, LTE modem and fleets, the “Mercedes PRO” service is among the components and services that will welcome new eVito users.

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