Turkey's first Winter Rally Race Begins with Sarikamish

Sarıkamış Rally
Sarıkamış Rally

Shell Helix 2020 Turkey Rally Championship, Turkey's first winter race, which begins with Sarikamish Rally. Organized by Eksi36 Sports Club under the auspices of the Governorship of Kars, sponsored by the Sarıkamış Kayı Resort Hotel, the organization will be held in the Sarıkamış district of Kars between 29 February-01 March 2020.

The race will start with the start ceremony in front of Kars Governorate at 29:11 on Saturday, February 15, after the special stages of Soguksu, Kosk and Martyrs will be completed on the first day with the special stage of the Crystal Audience at Sarikamis Ski Center. . Its total length is 16 km. The service area of ​​the rally, which will be run on the track with snow and ice floors, is created in front of the Sarıkamış Ayyıldız Monument, and the center of the rally will be the Sarıkamış Kayı Resort Hotel.

On the second day of the rally, which will start at 01:08 on Sunday, March 30, the teams will compete in the stages of Soguksu, Kosk, Martyrs and finish the first race of the season at 13:00 on the finish podium in front of Kayi Resort Hotel.

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