Record Salary for the New Renault CEO
French Car Brands

Record Salary for New Renault CEO

Astronomical Salary for CEO Leaving Seat and Moving to Renault Company. Intense competition in the automotive industry has also reflected on companies' search for CEOs. One of the biggest examples of this competition is between two world-famous automotive companies. [...]

New Development in Tesla Crash
American Car Brands

New Development in Tesla Crash

New Developments Emerged in Tesla Crash. New developments have emerged regarding the traffic accident that caused the death of Walter Huang, who worked as an engineer at Apple, in 2018. The lawyer of the deceased engineer [...]

Toyota Yaris 2020

Toyota Yaris 2020 Dazzles

Toyota Yaris has been completely renewed in 2020. The world premiere of the fourth generation of the Yaris, which furthered its innovative style, was held in Amsterdam. The new Yaris 2020 is a 4th generation hybrid with exceptional design, high efficiency [...]

domestic car togga coronavirus shock

Coronavirus Shock to Domestic Automobile TOGG

The Coronavirus, which started in China and worried the whole world, also deeply affected the economy. While many companies stopped production in China, the Mobile World Congress was canceled. The cancellation of the congress also affected TOGG's plans. [...]