Diesel Support from Şekerbank to Farmers 'Buy Now, Pay in Harvest'

diesel support for farmers in sekerbank alde harvest now ode
diesel support for farmers in sekerbank alde harvest now ode

Şekerbank collaborated with Opet, the customer satisfaction leader of the fuel sector, in order to provide farmers with ease of payment in harvesting in their diesel purchases. Within the scope of the cooperation, farmers will be able to purchase their diesel oil from Opet and Sunpet stations contracted with Hasat Card with 5 month term and 0 interest. Within the scope of the Al Buy Now, Pay at Harvest ”campaign organized exclusively for the cooperation, 15 will be offered the 2019 month-term opportunity for interest-free 6 purchases until December XNUMX. The campaign will be valid in general in Turkey Opet and negotiated Sunpet station.

Şekerbank is negotiating with suppliers for farmers…

Şekerbank meets the needs of farmers by offering flexible payment terms and favorable interest rates with the Harvest Card, which it offers to farmers in line with its “Community Banking” mission. Farmers harvest their payments with the Harvest Card zamIt can do it instantly and meets the needs such as diesel, seeds, fertilizers, feed, pesticides and seedlings from contracted suppliers.

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