Konya Subway 4 to be Completed in Year

Konya Subway 4 to be Completed Yearly; Ugur Ibrahim Altay, Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, made statements about the historical metro project for Konya.

AK Party Konya Presidency AK Party Konya Provincial Chairman Hasan Angi, AK Party Konya deputies Ahmet Sorgun, Tahir Akyurek, Halil Etyemez, Orhan Edem, Haci Ahmet Ozdemir, Gulay Samanci, Selman Ozboyaci'nın speaking with the participation of the meeting of the agenda of the evaluation of the Konya Metropolitan Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay, 3 November 2002'de began the service journey of the AK Party in Konya and the country underlined that very important services. Mayor Altay stated that they had the happiness of witnessing the biggest service ever, together with the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Tahir Akyürek. We are making the beginning of Konya Metro. I hope this journey will begin with the groundbreaking ceremony as soon as possible 4 is planned to be completed within the year. ”

Mayor Altay stated that the first stage of the 21.1 kilometer of Konya Metro will be completed at Köyceğiz Necmettin Erbakan University Campus and completed at Meram Faculty of Medicine, Beyşehir Road, Old Industry, Yeni Gar Station, Fetih Street, Ahmet Özcan Street, Chechnya Street and Meram Municipality. Met The total of 22 stops will be completed in the subway. The planned time interval will be between 35 minutes and 4 minutes. We wish to carry passengers with a system consisting of 2.72 cathedered vehicles. Thus, we want an easy transportation for our citizens between Meram and Seljuks. Hopefully, with the completion of the second stage, Konya will have reached a very important stage. ”


Konya past to the present, especially railways in transport always the pioneer, 1989-xnumx'l President reminiscent of the years in that city using the first rail system in Anatolia Altai, "Konya was also the provinces that use High Speed ​​Trains in Turkey first. One of the first subway stations undertaken by the ministry in Anatolia is realized in our city. An important gain on behalf of our city here was the purchase of vehicles by the Ministry with the protocol we signed in 90. In the first protocol at 2019, we had this obligation. Thus, our Metropolitan Municipality was freed from an important obligation. I would like to thank Mr. President, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Minister of Environment and Urbanization, all ministers, deputy chairmen, provincial chairman and deputies for their support in the process. Today, the competition of cities has prevented the country from competing. Cities now compete with each other. One of the most important criteria for cities is the quality, class, passenger capacity of the public transport network. In this sense, Konya will have the category of cities with metro. ”


Stating that the total investment value of the project is 1 billion 190 million Euros, Mayor Altay completed his speech with the following words: “It is desired that the Konya Metro will be completed with a 30 meters underground tunneling system. Just as the AK Party has received the highest vote from Konya, it also received the highest vote in local elections. Mr.President, too, expresses his love for Konya. zamexpressed with an services. He honored all of us by saying, 'If I hadn't lived in Istanbul, I would have lived in Konya' and with the investments made, Konya continued to receive very important services that it has not received so far. Hopefully, these services will continue from now on. This is actually the success of working together, focusing on a goal. It is a success of our city. I hope it will be beneficial for our Konya. "


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