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Sinop Picnic Places | Sinop Picnic Areas

Sinop is one of the most beautiful provinces of the Black Sea Region. It hosts thousands of tourists every year with its natural beauties, historical structures and local delicacies. Sinop, same zamIt is also an ideal place for a picnic. [...]

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Germany approves Ford's new technology

Ford offered semi-autonomous driving technology in Germany Ford launched its vehicles with “Level 2+” semi-autonomous driving technology in Germany. German Federal Motor Vehicles and Transport Authority (KBA), Ford's Blue [...]

bac mono
Autonomous Vehicles

New 2024 model BAC Mono introduced

The 2024 model BAC Mono has a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine tuned by Mountune. This engine produces 311 hp and 313 Nm of torque. These figures are a small amount from the current model. [...]

Opel Develops Autonomous Drive in Urban Areas
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Opel Develops Autonomous Driving in Urban Areas

Opel under Stellantis supports the development of new concepts and pilot applications for autonomous driving in complex city traffic with the pioneering project STADT:up. Involved in the project as an artificial intelligence development partner [...]

Best English Course in Izmir
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Best English Course in Izmir

As the Best English Course in İzmir, Academic Foreign Language Course is a qualified language school that provides education for adults. The English language is in terms of our cultural and career life today. [...]

Autonomous Vehicles

Bedroom Decoration and Furniture Groups

Masko is the area where the world's largest furniture companies are located. Therefore, people can find what they are looking for much faster. With hundreds of companies in it, almost all people need everything. [...]