Ford Surus Academy Has Happened Once

Ford Driving Academy Held for the 5th Time

The global social responsibility project 'Ford Driving Academy' (Driving Skills For Life), which Ford has been carrying out since 2003 in order to raise awareness of young drivers on safe driving, took place for the 5th time this year in Turkey. [...]

Chery's Latest Models Are In Turkey In Spring

Chery's Latest Models in Turkey in Spring

Chery, the export champion of China for 80 consecutive years with its sales and service network spread over 19 countries, is entering the Turkish market with its newest SUV models. Emphasis on Chery Group's size in the global market [...]

Best of Opel
German Car Brands

Opel's Best in 2022

Combining German technology with contemporary designs, Opel celebrates its 160-year history. The brand with the “Şimşek” logo has been bringing new technologies to large masses at affordable prices for 160 years. Opel, the same zamcurrently introduced in 2022, the GSe sub [...]

Rent Goya Award

3 Awards for Rent Go!

Turkey's leading car rental brand, Rent Go, was awarded in 3 categories at the Istanbul Marketing Awards, where innovative and successful practices in the marketing processes of companies are evaluated. companies in the Turkish business world, marketing [...]

Guest Posts

Emporio Armani

Giorge Armani, who first started working in the 1960s, founded his company in 1975. Emporio Armani, a world brand, started sales in the 1980s. World-famous names with stores in many countries [...]

Otokar Received Bus Order for Number of Bus from Italy

Otokar Receives 148 Bus Orders from Italy

Otokar has received a total of 34,2 vehicle orders from two leading companies in the Italian market for a total of 148 million Euros for the peak and natural gas city buses. One of the Koç Group companies, Otokar, Italy [...]