Magnussen: “We must maintain eighth place”


Formula 1 is not just on the racetrack, it's zamIt is now the scene of a great struggle over the strategic decisions and vehicle developments of the teams. When the Haas team could not get the performance they expected from the current concept, they changed their update strategy and focused on a philosophical change. The concept change expected at the American Grand Prix aims to increase hopes for the future of the team.

Change of Update Strategy

After the disappointment, Haas abandoned its update strategies. Instead, in a philosophical shift, he plans to go beyond the score achieved in Singapore.

Slow Progress Goal

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen emphasized that updates to the car were needed in order to maintain the team's current eighth place position. The different concept to be used in the American GP aims to help the team gradually make progress.

Risk in Championship Rankings

"The team has a lot to lose right now," Magnussen said. He points out the risks in the championship rankings. He states that if there is no improvement, the team may fall to 10th place and they must fight to prevent this situation.

Competitors and Targets

Saying that they were trying to catch up with Williams, but their rivals' speed increased, Magnussen emphasizes the importance of maintaining their position in eighth place. He states that a point gained could play a critical role in the fight against Alfa Romeo.

Updates and Austin GP Expectations

Haas doesn't expect the updates for Austin to make a big splash, but it hopes to take small steps forward. He expects the updates to contribute to improvement and for the team to move forward stronger.