Sedan models still remain important for Lexus


Sedans in Europe have been attracting attention with increasing interest lately. In the first half of 2023, more than 50 percent of the vehicles sold in Europe will be sedan models rather than SUVs. However, despite this trend, Lexus believes sedans still have great importance in some markets.

Passion of Lexus: Sedans

In an interview with Australian magazine Drive, Lexus' global brand chief Takashi Watanabe admits that demand for sedans has decreased. However, he believes there are still enough people to meet the demand for sedans. "We still see a market for sedans, and we emphasize and continue to focus on sedans," Watanabe said. says.

Importance in the Chinese Market

Especially in China, sedans are still very popular. The ES model accounts for half of Lexus' total deliveries in the Chinese market. Top management at Toyota's luxury division acknowledges that consumer preferences can change rapidly in major markets such as China. Therefore, Lexus is determined to maintain interest in sedan models in these markets.

Investing in the Future

Lexus does not ignore the growth trend in the electric vehicle market. In particular, he announced that he has plans to develop a fully electric pickup truck. They state that they can implement this project if there is demand. They are also developing electric supercars and specially designed models to diversify Lexus' portfolio.


As a result, Lexus still maintains its commitment to sedans and continues to work to satisfy customers interested in such vehicles. Considering the popularity of sedans in major markets like China, this strategy seems like an understandable choice. In addition, at a time when the transition to electric vehicles is accelerating, Lexus' investments in this field are also important for the future of the brand.