Red Bull: “Our biggest advantage is that we have a car that is open to development”


In the world of Formula 1, car design is not just about speed, but also about speed. zamIt has now become an art within strategy and engineering. Red Bull technical director Adrian Newey has been famous for designing the best cars on the grid for many years. In this article, we will explore the design process of the RB19, the final triumph of Newey's career.

A Bold Choice Against Mercedes

After last year's championship, Red Bull's design team opted for a different aerodynamic concept to challenge Mercedes. This bold move made the RB19 one of the best vehicles in history.

Competition and Improvement

of Mercedes zaman zamBeing competitive at the moment has led Red Bull to develop new ideas. Throughout the racing season, both teams strived to continually improve their cars.

Attention to Regulations

An important point that Newey emphasizes is to pay attention to regulations when designing vehicles. Particularly the optimal positioning of the chassis, engine and gearbox is the key to success.

From Architecture to Suspensions

The underlying architecture is a critical factor for the success of the tool. Newey states that after focusing on architecture, he moved on to the suspension system, which is an important step.

ZamImportance of the moment

Despite starting the design of the 2022 car late, Red Bull's efforts and past experience have put the car at an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

Development and Flexibility

Red Bull has not experienced major fluctuations like other teams, but has achieved success with an understanding of continuous improvement and flexibility.