Slater: “If Norris was a football player, he would be worth $100 million”

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Formula 1 is always buzzing with transfer rumors, and one of the big speculations this time is that Audi will enter F1 in partnership with Sauber and that Lando Norris is on the radar of this German giant. So, is young talent Lando Norris really Audi's target?

Audi's Formula 1 Plans

Audi is preparing to enter Formula 1 by establishing a partnership with Sauber. This new era indicates an increase in interest in sports.

Driver Lineup Speculations

Names such as Sebastian Vettel, Mick Schumacher, Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz are among the names mentioned for Audi's driver staff.

Lando Norris: The Jude Bellingham of Formula 1

Sky's Craig Slater describes Lando Norris as the "Jude Bellingham of Formula 1". He stands out for being young, talented and marketable.

Ties with McLaren

Norris continues to lead the team as McLaren's senior driver. However, Audi's interest in him brings transfer rumors.

The McLaren and Norris Dilemma

McLaren is not ready to let Norris go. However, the allure of a big brand like Audi and its plans to enter Formula 1 may pull the young driver in another direction.

Dynamics in the Transfer Market

Chasing drivers is not uncommon in Formula 1. However, this time the situation is different. McLaren's performance over a few years may influence Norris' decision.