2023 Istanbul Rally has been postponed

The 2023 Istanbul Rally, the eagerly awaited leg of the Turkish Rally Championship, has unfortunately been postponed. The original dates of the Istanbul Rally were planned to be 7-8 October, but due to forest fires in our country, there is a ban on entering forest areas on these dates. Here are the reasons for this difficult decision and the details about the postponement of the rally.

Impact of Forest Fires

Turkey faced a serious forest fire problem in 2023. These fires not only harm our nature but also zamIt also harmed living things and humans. Fires in different parts of the country required urgent intervention. The ban on entry to forest areas is a measure taken to control fires and carry out reforestation activities.

History of Istanbul Rally

The Istanbul leg of the Turkish Rally Championship is awaited with great excitement every year. This rally brings together rally enthusiasts and athletes from different cities of our country. Istanbul's unique geography and challenging tracks make this race even more exciting. However, natural events zamThe moment may change plans.

Decision to Postpone Istanbul Rally

The Istanbul Rally was planned to be held on October 7-8. However, due to forest fires, entry to forest areas was prohibited on these dates. This meant that the rally could not take place as planned. The organizers of the Istanbul Rally made a decision considering the athletes and rally fans: The rally would be postponed to 14-15 October.

Final Decision Awaits

A final decision has not been announced yet for the Istanbul Rally, which will be held on October 14-15. An exceptional approval from the Governorship of Istanbul will allow this date to happen. For this reason, rally fans and athletes are eagerly waiting for the final decision.


2023 Istanbul Rally was postponed from 7-8 October to 14-15 October due to the forest fires experienced in our country. This decision shows once again how important sensitivity and security against natural disasters are. Rally fans continue to wait with excitement for the new date.