Attention Drivers With Allergic Flu!

To the Attention of Drivers with Allergic Flu
To the Attention of Drivers with Allergic Flu

Allergic rhinitis, which manifests itself in the form of itching, redness, watering, and sometimes swelling in the eyes, when left untreated, and the side effects caused by the over-the-counter use of the drugs used in the treatment, paves the way for traffic accidents.

In the spring months, diseases such as asthma and sinusitis recur more frequently in individuals with allergic rhinitis, and focus and distraction increase. Patients with allergies have a high risk of losing their control of the road and being involved in traffic accidents, and it reaches almost fatal dimensions.

Pediatric Allergy, Chest Diseases Specialist and President of Allergy Asthma Society Prof. Dr. Ahmet Akcay; He gave information that allergic rhinitis is a very common allergic disease and that it has connections with attention and memory.

Allergic Rhinitis Terror in Traffic!

Emphasizing the importance of correct drug therapy in addition to controlling allergic rhinitis, Prof. Dr. Akcay; He said that the drugs called antihistamines used in the treatment cause drowsiness, and that driving a car creates various problems that lead to traffic accidents in situations where the individual needs to focus, such as focusing on the road. He pointed out that antihistamines developed in recent years have minimized the drowsiness effect, but old-style antihistamines that cause drowsiness are still frequently used without a prescription. Medicines taken for colds contain antihistamines that cause drowsiness.

The danger that awaits the patients who are allergic in traffic accidents, especially those who are allergic to drugs, is the administration of a drug to which they are allergic during the intervention to the patient who lost consciousness as a result of the traffic accident. Since there is a possibility that a drug to which they are allergic may be used by the physician, people with drug allergies should have a list of these drugs with them.

Allergic Rhinitis Takes Life!

Stating that 500 out of 65 people suffer from serious discomfort while driving due to allergic rhinitis and avoid driving, Prof. Dr. Akçay explained the reason for this as follows: “The shaking that occurs during sneezing causes the driving control to deteriorate. Although allergic rhinitis is a disease that includes nasal congestion, sneezing repeatedly, runny nose and itching, the driver loses control of the road as a result of closing the eyes when the body is shaken during a strong sneeze. Eye complaints among problems related to allergic rhinitis; It can make itself visible in the form of itching, redness, watering and sometimes swelling in the eyes. When various types of allergic rhinitis are not treated or due to the side effects of the drugs used in the treatment, it paves the way for traffic accidents.'

Allergic Rhinitis Impairs the Patient's Quality of Life!

prof. Dr. Akcay; “Allergic rhinitis prevents the patient from doing his daily work and socializing. As it limits the patient's daily life, the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, especially at night, impair the patient's sleep pattern and quality. This situation seriously harms the concentration and attention level of the patient, reduces his performance, and invites road accidents that may occur while driving.

Prevent Allergic Rhinitis in Traffic!

An antihistamine drug can be taken beforehand, but these drugs will be insufficient to prevent symptoms from occurring.

Even if an antihistamine is to be used, care should be taken to ensure that it is a new generation antihistamine that does not cause drowsiness. A more effective and definitive treatment method such as vaccine treatment should be applied to appropriate individuals.

The vehicle's ventilation system sprays the pollen-filled air outside towards the patient's most sensitive eyes and nose, so it should be turned off.

The best option is if the car has a pollen filter. These filters prevent microparticles from penetrating the interior of the car.

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