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Casual Women's Shoes

Shoes are important products for ensuring the best balance of the body. The sole of a shoe that will be preferred on a daily basis is flat and lightly structured, making the body comfortable as well. casual shoes [...]

Frequently Asked Question by Vehicle Owners

7 Questions Frequently Asked by Vehicle Owners

Many factors such as the way of use, the usage area and purpose of the vehicle, the climatic conditions and the characteristics of the vehicle bring many questions about the maintenance and repair of the vehicles. With a long history of more than 150 years [...]

To the Attention of Drivers with Allergic Flu

Attention Drivers With Allergic Flu!

Allergic rhinitis, which manifests itself in the form of itching, redness, watering, and sometimes swelling in the eyes, when left untreated, and the side effects caused by the over-the-counter use of the drugs used in the treatment, paves the way for traffic accidents. Spring [...]

Legendary Rally Cars at Oasis Bodrum

Legendary Rally Cars at Oasis Bodrum

Rally Bodrum, which was held last year for the first time after 27 years and left behind with the successful organization of Karya Automobile Sports Club, is full of adrenaline on the Bodrum peninsula on April 15-17 this year. [...]