All-Electric Citroen e C in Turkey in Autumn

All-Electric Citroen e-C4 in Turkey in Autumn

Making a difference in the automotive world with its innovative solutions to environmental concerns, Citroën is preparing to put the ë-C4, the all-electric version of the C4, on sale in our country in autumn. Ami – will take its place in the market after 100% ëlectric [...]

Eurasia Tunnel Motorcycle Pass Fee Announced
Autonomous Vehicles

Eurasia Tunnel Motorcycle Toll Fee Announced

As of May 1, motorcycles will also be able to use the Eurasia Tunnel, while motor bikes and electric scooters will not be able to pass through the tunnel. One-way pass of motorcycles using the Eurasia Tunnel is 05.00 TL in the daytime schedule between 23.59-20,70 hours, [...]

Special Deals in Partnership with ZES SKYWELL

Special Deals in Partnership with ZES, SKYWELL

ZES (Zorlu Energy Solutions), which has developed the electric vehicle infrastructure with the electric vehicle charging stations it has implemented in 81 provinces of Turkey, offers special opportunities to SKYWELL customers. Entering the Turkish market under the umbrella of Ulu Motor [...]

honeycomb cleaning

Underfloor Heating System Cleaning

In underfloor heating systems with closed-loop operating circuits zamThere is a serious loss of productivity due to the accumulation of bacteria, lime and slime. While the decrease in efficiency is not noticed by the users in the short term, zamunderstand warming up [...]

How to Paint a Car Professionally

How to Paint a Car Professionally?

Living spaces are expanding every year, thanks to changing living conditions, developing technology and humanity's curiosity to discover new places. In the past, everywhere was close to each other, all the needs could be reached on foot, now [...]

Holiday Mobility in the Second Hand Vehicle Sector

Holiday Mobility is Experiencing in the Used Vehicle Sector

Motor Vehicle Dealers Federation (MASFED) Chairman Aydın Erkoç evaluated the second-hand automobile industry. Stating that the market, which has been stagnant for a long time, has become active with the warming of the weather and the approach of the Ramadan Feast, Erkoç said, "Percentage in sales. [...]

Karsan Displayed Its Electric Vehicles at the BusBus Fair

Karsan Exhibited Its Electric Vehicles at Bus2Bus Fair

Having a say in the public transportation of cities in many countries with its commercial vehicles, Karsan's zero-emission and high-range electric vehicles were exhibited at the Bus2Bus Fair. With its electric development vision e-Volution, Karsan is one of the world's most [...]

Year Warranty Opportunity for BMW i Owners
German Car Brands

+3 Year Warranty Opportunity for BMW i Owners

BMW, for which Borusan Otomotiv is the Turkey representative, organized a campaign valid between 25.04.2022 and 06.06.2022 for the Garanti+ packages, which are among the after-sales services. With the Warranty+3 package, BMW-BMW i owners can extend their warranty period, [...]

Peugeot SPORT and Capgemini Join Forces

Peugeot SPORT and Capgemini Join Forces

To provide PEUGEOT 9X8's FIA World Endurance Championship team with advanced digital tools, PEUGEOT SPORT has signed a long-term partnership agreement with Capgemini, the world leader in digital transformation. Brand, top this summer [...]

New Mercedes Benz T Series Introduced
German Car Brands

New Mercedes-Benz T-Class Introduced

The new Mercedes-Benz T-Class offers plenty of storage space for equipment for various activities and interior that makes the whole family comfortable, including up to three child seats in the rear seat. [...]